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Celebrator - 2 Speed Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator  

Celebrator - 2 Speed Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator

For those that like their vibes intense, direct and simple comes the Celebrator! There’s no messing about with this toy; the turbo charged vibes will have you coming quick smart – double time!

  • Direct clitoral pleasure
  • Easy to use and operate
  • 2 speeds with Side to Side rhythm
  • Waterproof
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries

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Product Description


For those that need the Direct Clit-Hit comes the Celebrator! This toy will have you applying direct intense vibration to your hot spot and is an ideal item for use between couples where orgasm can be difficult to reach by penetrative sex alone!

Simple to Use with the push button feature; this vibe is activated by pushing a button and then the second button to change the speeds. Allow your partner to take over the joy and tantalize your senses with this delectable little toy. You wont be disappointed!

With Two Speeds to choose from this toy is great for those that just want to get the job done, without complex modes and variations. For those that want to swap it up, activate the side-to-side pattern and really sit and take notice!

For Those that Like to Play in Different Places, this toy is waterproof so is a great addition to your nightly bath or shower routine! Take the challenge and mix it up: take it pool side or into the shower and see how long you can stand up for while using this device!

Powered by 2 AA Batteries (included with your first purchase), this vibe may be turbo charged to deliver an insane amount of vibes, but it won't drain your batteries dry! Never the less, as this will most likely become your next favourite toy, we recommend you have a small stock of batteries so you’re not left high and dry!


Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Phthalate and Latex Free Materials
Phthalate Free Yes
Waterproof Fully Waterpoof
Colour Pink and White
Batteries 2 x AA Batteries (Supplied)
Length 21.5cm
Width 0.9cm (head)
Noise Level Noticeable
Made In China
Manufacturer Not Specified
BrookeSubmission by (Posted on )
I was given this as a gift for my birthday this year by my boyfriend and I was like WTF are you giving me a toothbrush for?!? And then I realized!! This toy is so good and I use it all the time. My boyfriend loves teasing me with it.
AWESOME!!!!Submission by (Posted on )
The new love of my life .. lol
But I misplaced him few weeks ago and have be trying n trying..
Fantastic marital aidSubmission by (Posted on )
I have bought three Celebrators over the last five years and I can only say they have been fantastic. My wife needs strong, direct stimulation to her clit to orgasm and this little beauty gets her off within 5 minutes each and every time. I help by inserting a 7" dildo in her vagina to give her something to squeeze as she cums. After cumming 3 or 4 times we make love doggy style and cum together one more time. The strong vibrations feel great for me as well and our love life is very fulfilling.
Buy this to keep the sparkSubmission by (Posted on )
I am about to buy the 3rd Celebrator for my wife (and me ha ha). We wore out the first two because this little vibe has replaced all the others. My lover needs strong clitoral stimulation and this fits the bill. She loves to use it while I use a dildo or soft cock shaped vibrator to give her something to grip while she cums again and again. After she has cum several times we fuck doggy style and she continues to excite her clit. The vibrations are so strong it helps me maintain a strong erection and we both cum together. Oh what bliss. Girls, you must try one, but share with your man.
DarkAngelSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought this Celebrator from femplay in 2012, some months after my husband left. I'd already discovered the solo pleasures of an electric toothbrush, and as this looked similar I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Well, if I'd known about it's amazing powers earlier I may never have walked down the aisle! It gives an awesome orgasm, sometimes more than one, or even two....If you love clitoral stimulation this is really the beast for you. It's discreet, is good for travel (I told my daughter it was to massage my gums!), not the quietest, but then neither will you be after trying it.

Husband? What husband?! If they made a version that mowed the lawn as well I'd be in single woman heaven.

It's great, I really recommend it, two years down the track and I still love it, use it regularly and don't reach for anything else (OK, sometimes the toothbrush if I haven't taken my little pink friend to the shower) and it's still going strong. And so am I!
KattSubmission by (Posted on )
Words cannot express how awesome this product is!!

It arrived this morning and i have done nothing but test it out ALL DAY!!!

This toy had me bucking off the bed with toe curling orgasms all day!!
The turbo button when used as a pulse with the normal speed gives phenemenol feeling and intense orgasms.
Im so glad my neighbours arent home!!

It is not the most quietest of toys, but boy, it sure does pack a punch!
I pity the man who comes after this product..none can compare!!!
By far, it is the best toy out!
OttaMaeSubmission by (Posted on )
Well what can I say that hasn't been said previously, love this product. When I first used it, with much doubt I must say, my reaction was a big OMG! I also love to use it on my man to gently massage his sensitive areas so it works for both of us.
This does the trick so quickly and my toes curl every time, my partner loves the intensity of our love making as it adds to the fun not replaces it and we are always left feeling completely satisfied.
Highly recommend this product and I also greatly appreciate the wonderful customer support from the very professional online staff.
A big cheeky smile of thanks! :)
NMSubmission by (Posted on )
This is the greatest vibrator ever made. Not quiet, but extremely powerful & makes my wife cum every time with out exception Even multiples in wave after wave! We have had many vibrators now but just keep going back to this one. Loved it so much this is our second after the first one wore out (lasted 3 years but got quite the workout!) It's different to the usual vibrator because instead of just vibrations the heads oscillation gives a more intense friction & pleasure. Its strong enough to use through panties but soft enough to use directly on her clit also.
Femplay fanSubmission by (Posted on )
This is my the ULTIMATE in clitoral vibrators and is MY MOST FAVORITE TOY. I stumbled on femplay in NOV 2011 and started with the clit vibrating pump as I need very strong clitoral stimuli. A year had gone by when I thought I'd try the celebrator. OMGEE OMGEE OMGEE!!! There is NO turning back once you've tried this!!!. First 2 broke down after a year each and I still invest in buying this same toy again and again. Mind blowing orgasms in UNDER 2 minutes EVERY TIME unless you deliberately lung it out!!! It's not very quiet, but who cares!!! Put the aircon on or run a bath!!! It doesn't look too pretty and looks like a toothbrush!! Perfect for travels!!! Goes in my toothbrush holder. I was abit apprehensive of the hard plastic that it's made of but a bit of lube solves this.
It twists rapidly and because of it's perfect length you can hold between your legs, lie it on the clit while you lay back or stick it between books on the shelf for perfect pleasure while your hands are free to do other things.
I have other toys but I promise you won't regret owning this one.
It's vibrations are massive without the accompanying noise of so many other toys.
I USE THIS EVERY DAY!!!!!!! The neighbours must suspect and I don't care!!!IT is scrumptiously DELICIOUS!!!
JessicaSubmission by (Posted on )
This product is great. very enjoyable takes me to places i have never been before it is amazing i would recommend this product to everyone.

I like how it has 2 speeds, i just have yet to try the the second speed but i am sure it will get to climax really fast. I like how i can have a sex dream get all hot and bothered and this toy can satisfy me all the ways i can imagine I would always get this product i like it when i have an extra person in the room and we both use the same toy on each other. it is very enjoyable.
DebSubmission by (Posted on )
Firstly I would like to say what a pleasurable shopping experience from start to finish. Website was very easy to get around and the customer reviews helped me in purchasing my new toy & a big thank you to all that wrote the reviews as you have now made me a very happy & satisfied woman.I have always been a vibe user but have become dissatisfied with a product that I have been using for many years. I really thought that the add was a bit of a gimmick and really did not think I was going to be a bang for my buck, pleasantly surprise; OMG! The Celebrator - 2 Speed Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator is the BEST clit stimulation I have EVER used.
Thank you anon :-)

JodieSubmission by (Posted on )
OMG this should be called the ORGASMATRON... I am addicted, it is awesome for that quick fix or a long session. Did not believe that it would be any good but this is a must for every women, AMAZING ORGASMS every time. I would have to give this a ten out of ten. One question for the developers how come it took so long to find something that works so well... can be used on its own which I will guarantee will have you reaching your peak in minutes or can be used with other toys. also great to travel as it doesn't look like your usual toy.
AnonSubmission by (Posted on )
Finally I found it! I am quite new to this and have worked my way through a few other products with not great results before purchasing the celebrator. The second I turned it on I knew it was a winner! I didn't even turn it up from the first speed and doubt I would need to as I had an orgasm within 5 minutes. This is the perfect thing for me and anyone needing clit stimulation to come. I am really happy with this purchase and wish I had tried it first.
One Happy LadySubmission by (Posted on )
Well OMG!! I LOVE my new toy!!
I have owned a few vibrators in my time, but this little beauty is out of this world!
I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw it, thinking how could something that looks like an electric toothbrush possibly be satisfying? Well let me tell you something, this is the first time I have experienced multiple orgasms EVER!!
Each time I use it I don’t want to put it down and when I do, I find myself thinking about the next time I can use it. I know that the next time I reach into the bedside table, I’ll be reaching for the Celebrator.
Thank you so much for an easy ordering process and super fast delivery. I’ll definitely be back once I get bored, not that I can see that happening any time soon!
AnonSubmission by (Posted on )
This is the most brilliant sex toy I have ever come across. And believe you me....I am familiar with quite a few!!
If you have trouble cumming or it takes a while, this is most definitely the toy for you.
It has officially become my new best friend.
It is amazing, and the 2 speeds help spice it up!!! Alone or with a partner, this will give you the most amazing orgasm. You HAVE to try will be the best money you ever spent on a sex toy!
I’m sure you could pass it off as an electric toothbrush without bristles when travelling - heeheehee!!!
Absolutely MIND BLOWING!
As usual, Femplay are discreet with delivery, fast and easy. This is a no problems business!!! Love it.......I’m sure the service is why I keep coming (cummng) back for more!!! :)
TraceSubmission by (Posted on )
I have been searching for a good clitoral massager for ages, I can never find one strong enough.

I found the Celebrator online and decided to give it a go and it arrived on my doorstep a day later.

I was a little hesitant when I opened the package - it looks like an electric toothbrush! But I gave it a go and WOW!!

It is very intense! The lower speed very fast - I haven't worked up the courage to try the faster speed yet!

I had a fantastic orgasm in only a few minutes!

If you are like me and really enjoy good clitoral stimulation buy this product! You will not be disappointed!
TashSubmission by (Posted on )
All i can say is WOW,i recently bought the celebrator and personally think it is one of the best sex toys out, over the past year or so me and my hubby have acquired quiet a few toys to spice things up a bit all have been good but when it comes to the celebrator it has been fantastic i truly can't remember when i orgasmed so intensely with a toy before but i give this a 10/10 the first time i used it i orgasmed in about 3mins flat.

i know which toy will be coming out during sex every time now LOL.

A big thumbs up to femplay for such a great product and the fast discreet shipping,i know where i will be buying all my toys from on..

Thanks again
AnjaSubmission by (Posted on )
The name ‘Celebrator’ does not do this toy justice. Firstly, it is really more than just a toy; it is serious piece of heaven. Secondly, it should be called an ‘Orgasmatron’.

If you are ‘clit-centric’ (you know what I mean - wink, wink) like I am, and you try the Celebrator you will find it will have a WOW factor of 15 out of 10. For me it is absolutely EARTHSHATTERING!!!!! It has given the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced by any means. I have used plenty of different toys over the years but this is the ultimate. And it even takes AA batteries, very handy!

It took me a while to find the turbo button on the base. No, I didn’t read the instructions before I took it for a spin as it was too dark. But when I found that button there was no turning back. It is the best toy I have ever bought.

Speaking of ‘buying’; purchasing from Femplay was so quick (my articles were delivered by express courier) and convenient (no need to set up an account therefore no need to remember another useless password) I will definitely be using them again, again and again. Just like my Orgasmatron. Oops I mean Celebrator.
KeenthingSubmission by (Posted on )
What a great toy!
This is small enough to use really easily during sex and still powerful enough to give breathtaking orgasms.
It's about the size of an electric toothbrush to give a comparison!)
The two speeds give some great variation with the high speed being prompt to produce results!!!!
Better still, IT'S WATERPROOF
Perfect for a steamy bath or shower.
The side to side motion seems to be very effective and it's not too noisy.
Give one of these a go and you'll be celebrating!!
As always with Femplay, prompt service and lightning delivery.
FruswifeSubmission by (Posted on )
Well, well, well,
Finally, a sex toy that has enough movement to really give a woman a fast and intense climax every time!!
Yes, yes, yes, YEEEESSS!!!!
Hubby bought me the Celebrator 2 speed clitoral stimulator a few weeks ago. Now, let me say straight up that I am a heavy user of vibrators and clit buzzers to enhance our sex life. We have been married twenty years now and still get it on at least three times a week. We have developed our use of toys over the years, and also like to try the various shapes and styles.
This latest one is simpy THE best vibe or clit buzzer I have ever had.
Ladies, the difference is that instead of basically being a small, circle motor spinning inside a piece of plastic or jelly, this one flickers back and forth - JUST like your hubby's tongue...but faster and it lasts longer!
I swear, without any lying, that the first time I used this I came within two minutes. Not only that, but I as able to cum twice more within an hour as we made love. The best position I have found using this toy is the classic doggy position, with me holding the clit buzzer in place.
Excellent sex toy for women - highly recommend it - quality too!!
On a personal note, I must say that I have now ordered toys three times from Femplay - and they have been very fast and reliable each time. They are now my only supplier of sex toys as a result!
Keep it up............

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Celebrator - 2 Speed Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator

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