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Duo Balls Hard - Assorted Colour  

Duo Balls Hard - Assorted Colour

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Put a little colour in your life with some bright coloured duo-balls.  Duo balls aka Kegel Exercisers are inserted into the vagina where the pelvic floor muscles are used to hold them in place.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can help you achieve orgasm and create stronger orgasms and even assist with bladder control and urinary incontinence which all occur as the Pelvic Floor Muscles become weakened by child birth and aging. 

Duo balls are made from molded plastic surrounding a steel ball.  The hard duo balls are heavier than the soft version and are a good option if you have already done some kegel training and can provide some stimulation to the point where some women report becoming very aroused and even achieving orgasm.

You can use them while walking or exercising, you’ll be working your pelvic floor to keep them in place if you chose to take them shopping or wear them at work!

While they can be used anally they are not tapered which is always more comfortable and the retrieval string is not as functional as other toys specifically designed for anal play.

They have certainly been around a long time and are used in many cultures for sexual pleasure.

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Additional Info

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BellaSubmission by (Posted on )
After a dull few months where intimacy with my partner has been pretty much none existant due to both of us working most of the time, I decided to try and spice things up a little in the bedroom. So I stumbled across this website and looked for things that would do the trick. Then I spotted the Ben wa balls I have always been a bit curious as to what they were like so I ordered them and waited patiently for their arrival. The day that I got them the hubby came home from work and oh my was he suprised. I'd just like to say that they were definately worth trying as now our relationship is back to how it you to be. They are amazing!!!

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Duo Balls Hard - Assorted Colour

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