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Fetish Fantasy - Beginner's Enema  

Fetish Fantasy - Beginner's Enema

This product has been created with the novice in mind. It has been designed to be a simple and practical tool as well as ensuring your comfort and pleasure. The innovative water bulb and hose attachment is really quite comfortable to insert, it’s so easy-to-use and ultra safe for beginners. Just load the central bulb with water for that squeaky-clean feeling. This product is a must-have accessory for fans of anal sex and anal sex toys, and is as pleasurable to use, as it is practical. For supreme comfort, use a good dollop of a water-based lube on the nozzle before inserting the douche. Anal douching flushes water through the anus and it then expells, leaving it clean and ready for an evening of pure fun without the mess. If you are an inexperienced enema user then it’s important to start off really slowly and pay careful attention to how your body reacts to the enema. Most people find that taking things slowly throughout douching offers them a more comfortable & fulfilling experience.

  • An easy-to-use squeeze bulb
  • A slim, tapered tip for comfort
  • An enema attachment hose

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Product Description


To begin your anal cleanse remove the enema from the packaging and give it a quick rinse, just to ensure it's clean. Once you have given it a rinse you then fill the bulb up with luke-warm water either by removing the tip and filling the easy-to-use bulb by running it directly under the tap or you can by squeeze the bulb then immerse it in a tub of water, which will allow the suction effect to draw the water in, which will fill it up.

Lubricate the Slim Tapered Tip of the enema as well as the opening of the anus; you can then gently insert the nozzle. We would recommend that you do this over the toilet or in the shower as the angle enables you to clean easily and keeps the whole process clean and hygienic.

The Enema Attachment Hose is easily removable and very flexible, so cleaning before anal play has never been so simple. It’s best to use your anal cleansing kit about 45 minutes before anal play for ultimate cleanliness. Remember to be gentle and patient and ensure that your body is relaxed. It is always beneficial to apply a small amount of anal lubricant and indulge in a little anal foreplay in your bathroom before you move into the bedroom. By doing this procedure you will ensure that your body is ready for en evening of exquisite anal play. Douching can often remove the natural lubrication of your anus so it is very important to use anal lubricant before attempting any further anal insertion play.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Plastic
Phthalate Free Yes
Waterproof Fully Waterpoof
Noise Level Silent
Made In China
Manufacturer Fetish Fantasy Series
TrevSubmission by (Posted on )
I would definitely recommend this for first time users who are new to anal sex and douching. It's a fabulous product and one that you can also get pleasure from and it's a really good price and made from top quality materials. This douche perfectly fulfilled its function and anal sex with my wife was very clean, which pleased us both.

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Fetish Fantasy - Beginner's Enema

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