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Mystic Duo Balls  

Mystic Duo Balls

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At Femplay In Stock MEANS In Stock. We stock all products in our own warehouse and do not use third party drop-shipping services. We can ship this item discreetly to you today from our warehouse via Australia Post Express Delivery for delivery on tomorrow to most areas. Standard Delivery usually arrives in 1-5 days. Please check our Discreet Shipping policy.

Product Description


Increase your pelvic floor muscles with the easy to use duo balls. Once inserted squeeze your muscles then relax and repeat. Increasing your muscles can improve your sex life and help you achieve more orgasms.

  • Customers with Latex sensitivity should not buy the soft version, try a set of the regular Mystic Duo Balls instead.
  • Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Manufacturer Not Specified
    Manufacturer Not Specified
    Material ABS Plastic
    Phthalate Free Yes
    Colour White
    Noise Level Silent
    Made In China
    Manufacturer Not Specified
    Pleasantly SurprisedSubmission by (Posted on )
    I received this product as a bonus for my other purchase and wasn't sure how I would feel about them but it was great. The package arrived quickly and very discreetly. You'd never be able to tell that it was a delivery of sexy items!

    The Mystic Duo Ben Wa Balls are surprisingly simple but work better than I expected. They are not difficult to keep in while doing most tasks. I was initially worried they'd be too heavy and difficult to use but I found them really quite enjoyable and helpful too.

    Thanks Femplay, always happy with your service!
    StephenSubmission by (Posted on )
    The Mystic Duo Ben Wa Balls are a great addition to any couple's bedroom play.

    They can take a little getting used to, but can be a great, fun addition to foreplay or the act itself. Some lube is definitely advised to help you adjust to the product, as I would recommend for any bedroom toys. Other than that, the joining strings have a tendency to get a little messy and dirty, but it's nothing a quick clean can't sort out. If we were on a better budget, we would aim for some full phthalate products, but for the budget we were on, and the lack of experience we had, we would definitely recommend these to others.

    Thanks, Femplay! Keep up the great work!
    SnVSubmission by (Posted on )
    We received the MYSTIC DUO BALLS as a free gift with our order. I'm a big fan of ben-wa balls for many reasons - insertion of ben wa balls exponentially enhances the oral sex or external vibe experience for me. They can be discreetly worn around the house or out to dinner to help build the anticipation of playtime to come. These are more compact than my favourite (by funfactory), which means less fullness, but more room for other insertions, so he gives these a thumbs up too. My only issue is that there are more "edges" in this design, but this is easily resolved by slipping them into a condom first, which not only protects your delicate insides but makes clean up a breeze. A great little freebie, which comes in a little box which, had I been less selfish, might have made a neat little stocking stuffer. Add it to your next order and enjoy.
    Aimee Submission by (Posted on )
    Amazing product! The balls feel incredible where ever you put them! First heard about this product reading to 50 shades books, thought they might be a bit over rated and reading other reviews quiet a few said they were tiny and that they couldn't feel them once inserted.... So glad I looked past the negative thoughts and opinions because I really can't speak higher of them!
    The sensation when they are in and you walk around is almost orgasmic, add a partner or toys and OMG! I will definately be reccomending this products to some of my friends.
    Thanks heaps :)
    anonymusSubmission by (Posted on )
    my husband and i have been reading fifty shade of grey and thought we would purchase the ben wa balls which are similar to the silver balls. the parcel arrived the very next day after ordering and you couldn't tell where it came from!!! i am yet to use these to do house hold chores but during sex they are amazing and so am looking forward to doing the chores. they certainly make what we call special love at a lot more bearable. i am certainly looking forward to making more purchased from femplay as the service is wonderful.
    Niki Submission by (Posted on )
    I recieved my parcel yesterday and was very happy that it was a descret package. This was the first product that I have bought from femplay and I was not disappointed.The mystic duo balls were easy to insert and very comfortable you really don't know there in until you move and then what a surprise! I have never enjoyed ironing and hanging out the washing so much. Now l only wish hubby was home.
    I was extremely happy with service and quick delivery that femplay offered and now am looking forward to buying more products from them. Thank you for making it easy to buy.

    Crazy HousewifeSubmission by (Posted on )
    I purchased a butt plug and the Ben wa balls. The balls have helped me be aroused and I find with the added pressure from the butt plug I was walking around cleaning house and taking deep breaths. Yes, you heard it correct I used both at the same time. I was having trouble keeping the balls inside when I first started using them. I didn't have much control and the plug helped keeping them in.
    Now, I can just have the balls on there own or if I want the extra stimulation the plug is in to. I take the balls out and leave the plug in and I've had bigger than normal orgasms. My husband thinks its great as I don't take as long to reach my orgasm and he was quite surprised when I told him why.

    Thanks for letting me have such fun. I look forward to trying more of your products.
    rayraySubmission by (Posted on )
    I've always been interested in ben wa balls, and now i finally have some of my own!

    I used them straight away and woo what fun! Went and helped mum cook dinner, without her knowing a thing!

    lots of fun, i may even wear them to school to help with stress ;)

    Best stress balls ever! Thank you femplay :)
    anonSubmission by (Posted on )
    I decided to give the Ben Wa balls a try, and I wasn't disappointed! The service on the website was fantastic, they arrived the next business day discreetly wrapped. The sensations were totally new, a real turn-on. They didn't feel strange or uncomfortable at all, and they're very easy to clean. They are a lot of fun, I'd definitely recommend them.
    PossumSubmission by (Posted on )
    Being new to the world of sex toys and with my sex drive being almost none existent after the difficult birth of my second child I thought it was time (3 years) to rev things up again.

    I found Femplay on the internet and had a quick look, it soon turned into an education! I ordered a few items and the Duo Balls are my favourite. I have been using them on and off for a few days now and find that my pussy is tightening up as my pc muscle is stimulated and is regaining some strength. I wore them to the supermarket and bending over to get items off the bottom shelf was a joy, that night I revealed my "secret" to my husband as I invited him to engage in oral sex, he was truly surprised and could barley contain himself as he removed them for me. We had the most enjoyable sex for the first time in a very long time and I even managed an orgasm with my Jelly Butterfly assisting.

    Wow!! Thanks Femplay for the discreet and quick service, I most

    definitely will be back for more toys!
    SSubmission by (Posted on )
    I’m new to the whole exploring my body with toys thing and decided to try out the Ben Wa Balls.

    Oh my! I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Surprisingly easy to insert and the sensations they create whilst I go about my normal household chores are simply amazing. Cooking dinner will never be the same again!
    LizSubmission by (Posted on )
    My Mystic Duo / Ben Wa balls are a lot of fun!

    I tried them out almost as soon as I got them...doing housework is a LOT more enjoyable now. And I'd recommend putting them in and driving on a bumpy road (who would have thought I would have so much fun going to the vet?). :-)

    I also ordered a pack of Four Seasons Naked condoms, which were nicer than most other brands I've tried (but a little too tight on my husband). :-) I would probably get them again though, maybe in the larger size.

    The order was shipped very fast. I ordered on a Friday and they came on Monday. The discreet packaging was nice too.

    Overall I'm very happy with Femplay.

    The website is easy to navigate and has a great selection in any price range. It's also nice to order toys from the comfort of my own home instead of walking to a seedy adult shop.
    Happy!Submission by (Posted on )
    I would really like to thank Femplay for such fantastic service!! I found the website by doing a Google search and am so glad that I found you!!

    The Mystic Duo Balls are just amazing. I was a little apprehensive when placing my order, as I have never purchased anything like this before, but the discrete packaging and the ease of buying online made me decide to give it a go. I received my order only two days after ordering which was amazing, and wow what a surprise my husband got the next night!!

    The balls were incredibly easy to insert and really comfortable - I would have forgotten I even had them in if it wasn't for the sensation they were giving me all day!! My husband was at work the day they arrived and so didn't know I had them until that night and let me tell you, it blew him away - literally!!

    We have been struggling to get our sex life back on track since the birth of our son - 17 months ago!! And I think we have now found a way thanks to Femplay!!

    I really can't tell you how greatful we both are - and now we can't wait to try out more items (including the Pixie G Feel which I also ordered) to bring the spice back into our bedroom!!
    SunnySubmission by (Posted on )
    This was the second time I have ordered from Femplay, the first time I was very nervous as it was my first time buying anything like this, but I was not disappointed. The same with this order, not disappointing.

    When the Parcel arrived my partner brought it in to me and was so excited! He loves things like this, a special night between the both of us.

    He was just about jumping off the bed with excitement so I opened it very slowly. When he saw what I'd bought he wanted to to try out the 3 items straight away! I told him he had to wait 'till tonight but we didnt make it.

    I am very happy with the service femplay applies, because it's all confidential and discreet.

    The balls were great! I did the housework with them in, the music up loud and the house became spotless and for once! I absolutely loved doing the housework!

    The Devils Dick was amazing, I think my partner loved that one the best, and the Panty Pal was different but a great pleasure as well.

    I look forward to buying from you guys again! Keep up the great work and business.
    AngelSubmission by (Posted on )
    The Mystic Duo Balls are just that "mystic"...

    I had a special night planned with the hubby so slipped in the Mystic balls earlier in the night.

    I found them easy to insert, they felt comfortable and in no way annoying and beside the intense feeling of pleasure they give you wouldnt know you had them in, it was a little hard to concentrate thru dinner though, but WOW!! what a great feeling they produce, those little balls made me the horniest I've felt in a long time... My poor hubby didnt know what hit him!

    The dessert that night was me as those balls had made me SO ready for a great night.

    Even after 25 years together I still managed to blow his mind that night...

    Thanks Femplay, your products are the talk of our bedroom and your website will be getting more visits from not just me but now by my hubby as we look to add some more excitement to our love life.

    Thanks again Femplay

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