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Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner  

Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner

Ensure your favourite sex toys are kept clean and germ free with this handy spray on cleaner. The unique and antibacterial cleansing agents in this product will clean and disinfect all sex toy surfaces. The formula is powerful enough to safely wipe away any residue from surfaces, yet is non-abrasive so can be used every time you play with your pleasure toys.

  • Water based
  • Pump top feature for easy use
  • For use on all sex toys
  • Antibacterial and Body Safe
  • Protect your investments!
  • Keeps your toys germ and bacteria free
  • Remove batteries before washing your sex device

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Product Description


This Toy Cleaner is Water Soluble and has a cleansing agent in it that is strong enough to clean all surface bacteria, yet its non-abrasive so you can use can use it again and again without causing harm to the surface of you favorite sex toys.

This Cleaner Features an Easy to Use Pump Top making it simple to direct the flow of spray directly onto your toys. The nozzle has been designed to create a flight mist that permeates deeply into the crevices of the toy you are cleaning.

This Product is an All-Round Cleaner.  It is great to use when cleaning for all sex-toy materials including, Metal, Silicone, PVC, FantaFlesh, SilaGel, Rubber, Glass and much more. The Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner is a simple and effective way to keep your collection of erotic toys clean and hygienic. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, including vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs etc., and are a sensational way to explore your sexual fantasies, either alone or with a partner. But if these toys are not cleaned or stored properly, they can easily get a build up of germs and bacteria. If you are using your toys with others they can even transmit diseases. Luckily, with the Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner they are easy to keep clean and safe, and bacteria free.

But Why Buy Sex Toy Cleaner??? After reveling in your post-climax bliss, it's imperative to clean the device that brought you to the brink of ecstasy. Otherwise, you run the serious health risk of getting a yeast or bacterial infection. Femplay recommends that if you’re sharing your toys, not only should you keep them clean – but also use a condom to protect both yourselves and the toy!

Having made an investment in a collection of sex toys that you would like to last for a few years, you need to make sure you keep them disinfected and cleaned before and after use. Your toys will also feel and function so much better when they’re clean! It is VERY important that all of the sex toys that you use regularly are cleaned both before and after you use them. If toys are left with sex juices on them then there can be an increased likelihood that you may pick up a nasty infection. It only takes a couple of minutes to clean the toys you use for heightened sexual enjoyment and it definitely helps prevent germs multiplying.

Finally, ensuring your sex toys have proper storage is also highly important, both for ensuring that your sex products last, and for keeping them clean and bacteria-free. Using this spray to clean them before you put them in whatever drawer or box you keep them in will ensure you are not contaminating the storage space.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Pipedream
Manufacturer Pipedream
Manufacturer Pipedream
keep it clean Submission by (Posted on )
I bought this product to clean out my new “Fleshlight” and it works really rather well. A toy that has many crevices I was in desperate need of a cleaner to ensure it stayed clean for my own health. To clean my “Fleshlight” I Just rinsed it off with warm water, then I sprayed the Pipedream toy cleaner generously on the item. You don’t have to rinse off cleaner as it has antibacterial properties, then I just gave it a quick wipe to dry it off. It cleans well and smells fine.

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Pipedream Sex Toy Cleaner

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