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Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet

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What's on the back of the box

Its getting hot in here, well that is how you are going to be feeling with this bullet.  A unique rubber micro bullet that heats up and also provides you with some good vibrations.  Feeling hot!

Customer Reviews
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Whoever thinks that size matters hasn't met this little guy.

It is so tiny, but unbelievably strong; it's great for clitoral stimulation and you may find that you even have to hold it tightly in place to prevent him from jumping about. The only thing I am dubious about is the 'whisper' part of its name because it seemed rather loud to me, but living in a full house, that might just be my worries getting the best of me. It's also small and sturdy enough that it can be tucked into a bra cup to add something extra to a session without coming loose or being too heavy; it offers GREAT stimulation here.

It is deceptively small, but you won't find much greater power for its size. Loved it!

Jenifer's Wisdom

Vital Statistics
Length 2.5CM
Width 0.9CM
Material ABS with PU spray finish
Batteries 2 X AA Batteries (Supplied)
Noise Level Quiet
Made In China

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Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet