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Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg

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Jenifer's Opinion
I recommend grabbing some N size batteries (see the bottom of this page). These devices all use these batteries which may be harder to find than other sizes. We sell them for a very reasonable price.
What's on the back of the box
Thrill your honey from across the room with this delicious pink and totally wireless Remote Controlled Egg. The powerful, yet silent vibrations can be activated from up to 35 metres away! Slip it in your pocket or wear it internally for the thrill of a lifetime!

The tiny remote control unit measures only 6.8 cm long – so you can easily hide it in your pocket – or even the palm of your hand! The egg measures 5.9 cm  long with a 3 cm width.

Requires two ‘N’ size batteries for the egg and one 23A 12V battery for the remote control unit to operate. All required batteries are included.

Manufacturer Code:  RW05U005T2T2

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Customer Reviews
Review by
I loooooovveee this device, recent broke the last one and ordered one quick smart via express! lol...with a few other goodies :).
Looking forward to make more purchases for plenty more of good times! There's quite a range to choose from which is fantastic for me.
Will order some DVDs soon as well to spice it up with my partner and some lingerie.
Having the cheap cost of express post also makes it more the better! And the fact its not oblivious to anyone when it arrives at my workplace is awesome.
Definitely recommend to others regarding this to order.

Review by
It is a sad thing to write a poor review of a product on this site, but unfortunately I found this egg to be a great disappointment. Whilst the vibrations of the egg are reasonably powerful, (But not as powerful as other similar eggs I have used) the resultant noise is much louder than I had come to expect . Even when inserted internally it was still possible to hear it vibrating from across the room - not an attractive prospect when one is seeking discretion.

I would suggest that this product be used in an environment where there is a good deal of noise and music (ie: a nightclub or noisy bar) in order to avoid uncomfortable stares.

Review by
I purchased a discrete remote controlled vibrating egg for my wife, we waited for a week before we used it together, talking about "how" and "where" we could use it and settled on waiting till we went out for dinner with her boyfriend.

Thinking this would be a huge turn on for all of us, well she discretely inserted this vibrating egg prior to going out and over a few drinks she pulled the controller out of her purse and said "who wants control over me." Well we both looked at each other quite excitedly and both went to grab it, well her boyfriend got it before I did so we thought it would be a great idea if she went and ordered the drinks.

When at the bar he activated the egg for 5 seconds ..... well there was a slight scream coming from the bar area and people were wondering what had happened, then we waited till she was walking back with the drinks and activated it again .... well 3 spilt drinks and another arrhh from a very aroused lady.

We sat and chatted for another 1/2 hour activating the egg every now and then .... after the half hour we had to leave without dinner as my wife was climbing the walls and wanting to take us both on there and then.

It was a very hot drive home, the anticipation and not knowing when this thing is going to be activated was a huge turn on for my lovley wife. This is one fantastic device!

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Jenifer's Wisdom

Vital Statistics
Length 6cm
Width 3cm
Material ABS Plastic
Batteries 2 x N Size Batteries (Supplied), 1 x 23A (Included)
Noise Level Quiet
Made In China

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Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Egg