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Rosie UK Fuck Fest Vol. 28 (DVD)

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What's on the back of the box

The 28th edition of UK FuckFest is the best you can buy if you love watching girls, guys and couples sucking and fucking in thier own bedrooms, backyards, carparks, kitchens and just about anywhere! And they like to show it to everyone! Is there a better one?

It's unknow who filmed these scenes, probably friends, sisters or brothers? But one thing is for sure: It's all real.

It gets a little messy at times, the footage is raw, mostly un-edited, sometimes chaotic, sometimes badly lit, but always exciting and full of raw genuine action.

These are not professional actors, but people who do it because they lust it.

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Vital Statistics

Format PAL
DVD Region All Regions
Runtime 2 Hours and 36 Minutes
Rating X-Rated
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Rosie UK Fuck Fest Vol. 28 (DVD)