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Technobeat - Dolfinger

Expect To Pay:$59.95
Our Price:$57.00
Our Special Price:$49.95
Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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Jenifer's Opinion
What impresses me about this product is not only its technology and functions, but the quality feel and finish. The bullet can be used independently of the Dolfinger sleeve as desired.
What's on the back of the box
The Dolfinger finger vibrator comes with a Technobeat space controller and powerful silver vibrating bullet.

It is made of ultra safe and ultra soft material that makes a nice change from the plastic feel of some cheaper vibrators. Used with a dab of lubricant, its much like the feeling of a tongue -- only better!

Six exquisite pre-programmed variations of vibrating feeling literally at your fingertips!


1. Vibrate Gently
2. Vibrate Normally
3. Vibrate Vigorously
4. Pulsate
5. Surge
6. Escalate

The progressively coloured function indicator (showing green, amber and red depending on the strength of vibrations) makes it easy to use in the dark.

Customer Reviews

Review by
This is an amazing compact, powerful and silent vibrator. I purchased one for my partner over a year ago, and we are both very satisfied.

So quiet that it doesn’t embarrass or draw unwanted attention. And it has been very reliable. Three speeds and another three pulsing rythms that are great for every couple. I suggest you unplug the bullet’s control wire after use as this prevents the batteries going flat.

A teaser of a toy with a real bite!

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Jenifer's Wisdom

Vital Statistics

Length 6CM
Width 2.5CM
Material Jelly
Batteries 3 x AA Batteries (Supplied)
Noise Level Moderate
Made In Hong Kong

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Technobeat - Dolfinger