Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic  

Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic

Super easy to use with its glow in the dark, coloured buttons and indicator lights (the led lights are colored from green to orange to indicate speed and mode).

The see through jelly finish looks great and feels amazing with 7 mind blowing pleasure modes. You won't be bored with the battery operated boyfriend! Its simply an all time classic, just read all the rave reviews from scores of very satisfied women below. In the five years that we have been selling this product we have had nothing but praise for it.

If you could choose only one vibrator, then this would be it...This is our best selling vibrator, and comes highly recommended with unmatched power and performance. You won't be dissapointed!

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$9.99 3-7 Days
$14.99 1-2 Days
FREE shipping on orders over $100


$9.99 3-7 Days
$14.99 1-2 Days
FREE shipping on orders over $100

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Product Description


Prepare to have your mind blown with the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic. It may look like a traditional vibrator, but it has all the bells and whistles you need to turn your night time escapades into a rip-roaring good time.

You will be in complete control of your entire experience, as there are separate controls for both the clit stimulator and the shaft. A slight push of a button allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of movement by instantly switching between six different motor speeds.

Measuring 12 cm in insertable length, this vibrator is ideal for women of all experience levels.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Polymer Jelly
Colour Pink
Batteries 4 x AA Batteries (Supplied)
Length 12cm (insertable) 24.5cm Long
Width 3.8cm (4.1cm At Base Of Head)
Noise Level Noticeable
Made In China
Manufacturer Seven Creations Sex Toys
IncredibleSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought this as a Valentine's gift to myself. Very, very impressive. I had my first ever multiple orgasm thanks to my new little friend. Thanks femplay, fast & discreet shipping as usual.
LouiseSubmission by (Posted on )
I first bought this rabbit vibe almost 2 years ago. I had never had an orgasm, hadn't even come close. All my friends had been raving about this amazing sensation. I had never gotten any satisfaction by myself or with a partner, so after much frustration I decided to order a vibrator. But which one? I spent hours on the your website, reading reviews and looking at many different kinds, and the positive reviews for the Rabbitronic were overwhelming! So now, I add to them. Not only did I finally have my first orgasm, but I have had many, many, many more, both clitoral and g-spot.
Now, I'm ordering a replacement since a little carelessness on my part got water in the controls, causing some interesting malfunctions...
anonSubmission by (Posted on )
I received and appreciate my purchase. It is a wonderful pink rabbit and pleaures my body. I am a single woman. Personally I don’t believe in ‘one night stands’ and this toy or sex device in the shape of a rabbit allows me to still relieve my body of pressure and tension. I like the colour of pink. I like the shape of the rabbit's face with it’s practical ears of sitting alert also brings great pleasure.

The beardy rotation on the imaginary penis brings heightened sensations.
The choice of seven speeds on the rabbit and the penis allows degrees of enjoyment.
I am also thankful for the tube of lubricant and it feels much smoother than vasoline.

Finally I appreciate the swift service of my purchase.

Thank you
tatSubmission by (Posted on )
Wow, this is the most intense and versatile vibrator I have ever used! I reached heights I had never gone to before! And the best thing is, it is the first I have used that reaches my clit and stimulates my g-spot at the same time, unlike other rabbits where the stimulator will be higher than my clit when I've been penetrated, which makes for awkward and sometimes uncomfortable positioning. The multi-function is also great and I think it would be perfect to begin and experiment with if this is your first vibrator!And I l love the different pulse settings - they are incredible! Would definitely recommend, but would caution users on the mind-blowing intensity!
BlueSkySubmission by (Posted on )
I bought this vibe for my girlfriend as a xmas present. This was her first experience at anything other than a very basic vibe. I was a little bit hesitant at ordering at first as I thought that she might be a little bit intimidated by it. Any worries were soon set aside as I saw her face light up just a couple of minutes into her first session. It is still early days but I expect that this toy will become a regular part of our further love making sessions.

This device deserves all of the hype and accolades. Do yourself (or your lady) a big favour and buy this now.

TraceySubmission by (Posted on )
My first Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic was bought for me back in 2007. It lasted up until this year when the glue that stuck the penis to the monitor, came undone. I'm sure I could have fixed it if I could be bothered, instead I decided just to buy a new one. I stuck with the same vibrator because I know it works for me. I like all the settings, even though I have one favourite, and I don't need to use the rotating part, but it's also a good length and size. Recommend it to anyone!!! Do yourself a favour, whether you have a partner or not, it's a great traveling companion as well.
FrancesSubmission by (Posted on )
This is the first vibrator i have ever brought. I talked to quite a few friends and everyone i knew who had used a vibrator before. They all said this was the best one to try. I was amazed by it. If i knew how good a rabbitronic was i would have bought one years ago. The different speeds are great. I had been thinking about getting one for a long time and didn't know where to start. I found it so quick and easy to get a good product and the delivery was fast. I would recommend to anyone to get one of these vibrators
Contented ChickSubmission by (Posted on )
I received my new best friend today, The Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic.

This is the first time i have ever used a vibrator at the tender age of 51..what have i been missing out on, i have to ask myself in all these years.I was too embarrassed to go to a retail outlet and also having found the internet and stumbling across your website i decide to throw caution to the wind.

I was delighted to receive it so promptly, as you had stated it arrived today ,the very next day after ordering it .

I also received your free gift, thank you.

As i unpacked it with a big grin on my face i felt like a naughty schoolgirl and couldn't wait to see what all my girlfriends rave about.

I was a bit tentative as i wasn't sure it would work but to my utter surprise and delight it really did do the trick, after multiple you know what's.... i am now calling it my new best friend...

certainly doesn't replace the real thing but when in need.... did i mention 7 was my favourite number ...

cheers and thanks
Rabbit JunkieSubmission by (Posted on )
A night out with the girls got me onto this product. After several drinks the topic got onto sex and one of my friends could not recommend the rabbit highly enough. She had made several purchases from Femplay and was completely satisfied ;)

My husband purchased the Rabbit for me, I am 30+ (with kids) and had only ever faked orgasms and had always found sex toys boring so never really used them.

The Rabbit sat in the box unopened for approx 6 weeks as I was overwhelmed by the appearance and the size of it however one night after a couple of wines (dutch courage) I retreated to the bedroom alone for an early night and just like that I was addicted....

My first orgasm took about 5 minutes...I couldnt believe that I had gone without for soooo many years.

I was blown away and had to have another go....From NEVER having an orgasm to having 2 on the first night....unbelievable!!

And just like that I became addicted... night after night, and sometimes Id sneak away during the day...

Some nights I wait until my husband is asleep and I pull it out of my draw...its so quiet he doesnt even stir.

I can recommend it enough - especially to women who had never orgasmed before... It is worth its wait in gold.
bunnyloverSubmission by (Posted on )
I recently ordered the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic after hearing rave

reviews from friends and also reading about it.

I was somewhat skeptical about just how good the Rabbitronic could be. I generally take up to 30 mins to climax (if not longer) and sometimes not at all, which leaves me more frustrated then when I started.

With the Rabbitronic I had the most intense climax I have ever had. I have no idea how long it took as I was enjoying it too much to look at the clock! I would highly recommend the Rabbitronic to anyone and everyone!!!
STVSubmission by (Posted on )
I am a sex toy virgin and when my boyfriend was overseas decided to purchase something to help me stay committed.

Feeling too nervous to actually go into a sex shop I discovered Femplay. The website didn't make me feel uncomfortable and after looking at the reviews of several products I decided on the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic. Having been introduced to the 'rabbit' by 'Sex and the City' I had been curious for a while.

My order arrived within 2 business days and was discreetly packaged.

I opened it and was surprised at the size but that surprise soon turned good. I was amazed at how quickly it bought me to the brink and the rotating beads on the shaft just added to the excitement.

I cannot recommend this Rabbit enough. It defiantly is a 'Jack Rabbit'.
ESubmission by (Posted on )
Hi, for a while now my partner and I's sex life has been very boring, we would sleep together maybe once a month and for quite a while now i have been contemplating buying a toy to help spice things up a bit, if not for both of us, then just for me.

Last week i ordered the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic, it arrived withing a few days as i payed with pay pal and i used it strait away. I reached my climax within minutes, later that night when my partner and i were going to bed i decided to pull it out as he didnt know that i had bought it, it was a huge turn on for him watching me use it and now all i have to do is pull out my vibrator and sex is a sure thing. He loves to use it on me and watch me, this product is awsome and has really saved my relationship although i am sad to say the batteries have already gone flat, but what do you expect when your vibrator becomes your best friend and you find yourself spending every waking moment with it.

Thank-you to every one at Femplay, i am very impressed and will definately be doing business with u again in the near future.
DaveSubmission by (Posted on )
My wife & I have been married for over 27 years and our sex has been pretty good, but my wife has a lot of trouble reaching a climax and we have a lot of foreplay,its like climbing a mountain she can reach the top but cant get over the peak to the other side,we have tried a number of sex aids, vibrators, chinese balls ect, and the vibrators have helped but she ends up with a sore clit.

After reading the reviews about the Ultra 7 Rabbitronic I decided to order one and recvd it the very next day, I told my wife that I had bought her a present and gave it to her, her eyes lit up and at first she said she wasnt sure if she could use it,after some coaching from me, she did and quickly came to a climax, and every time she has used it since she climaxes.

Thanks to the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic
TSubmission by (Posted on )
My wife is very shy so I’m reviewing the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic vibe for us. The wife and I are only new to adult toys. After introducing a non invasive bullet to the bedroom we decided to spice it up. I read the Femplay user reviews and figured this many people can’t be wrong. Plus my wife is shy, so I might only get one shot at introducing a real sex toy so I better get it right. So I made the decision to go with the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic…. and my wife isn’t shy anymore!!!!

When it arrived we were both quite shocked by its size but that fear didn’t last long!

Once in use, the size quickly became a non issue as its vibrations eased away all her apprehension. With the clit tickler humming away, the rotating beads and wobbling shaft crawled itself into position and she held on tight. Once the clit tickler made contact she was well past the point of no return. This thing is absolutely amazing! As the night went on, she became so hot that just the slightest touch from the Rabbitronic or me would push her over the edge time and time again. She can’t remember how many times she got there but it sure left her shaking!!!

In short, the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic is a design masterpiece. In practical application, everything lines up in the right spots perfectly… like when God designed the solar eclipse but the Ultra 7 Rabbitronic is heaps better than that! It’s got a decent sized handle that you can hold onto to and the controls are easy to navigate even in the dark. The beads are the fixed, non-jamming type so there aren’t likely to be any jamming when you’re in the think of it and that’s important. The motors are very powerful and while occasionally we used the maximum settings, the lowest will do the job fine leaving plenty of scope for increased stimulation.

It’s impossible to go wrong with the Ultra 7 Rabbitronic! Look how many people on this sight have praised it. It has been the best purchase we’ve ever made. If we paid twice as much, we’d still call it a bargain. Great bang for buck!

Ladies, get one…. that simple.

Blokes, be a man and get one for her. She’ll love you for it and will do things you never thought she’d do.

We’ll definitely be using Femplay again. We are busy professionals with no time to get to an adult shop. With the convenience of buying online, with discretion, plus a free gift, why would you ever shop anywhere else? We are already looking at a few more items to add to our tool kit and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Femplay to anyone. This is the perfect way to do your ‘private’ shopping.

Thank you Femplay for 5 Star service!!! And thanks to Prime Minister Rudd for his stimulus cash. Now “Kevin - Ultra 7” lives in our bedside drawer! Think of Australia, boost the economy and your love life with an Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic from Femplay.
Sad BunnySubmission by (Posted on )
Unfortunately, not a success. Firstly, very unpleasant chemical/plastic smell - despite "airing" the product and giving it a wipe down with mild soapy washcloth pre-use. Secondly, perhaps a mismatch of internal anatomy, girth of product and location of rabbit head. Anyway, it couldn't be inserted comfortably and far enough to enjoy dual sources of stimulation simultaneously. Finally, I simply found it bulky and awkward to hold.

That aside, prompt and discreet delivery as promised.
Bunny LoverSubmission by (Posted on )
My Husband bought me the "Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic" for christmas this year, at first I thought it was just another 'toy' that would sit in a drawer and never be used again.

Oh! How wrong could I have been? When I eventually tried the vibrator in question, I was pleasantly surprised at how intense an orgasm I had experienced, I think the words used at orgasm were "F***! Why haven't I bought one of these sooner, this is amazing". I think the beads in the shaft combined with the vibrating rabbit ears are the perfect combination to reach a deep throbbing climax.

My husband was as turned on as I was and couldn't wait to have me..........

This will definately not be my last purchase from Femplay .com, I have my eye on the Reckless Rabbit Dual stimulator, I feel that I shouldn't be selfish and should let my husband in on the action also.

Keep posted, will comment on my next purchase ASAP.
Beach BabeSubmission by (Posted on )
Have just purchased the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic. Unbelievable delivery time, very discreet. Not to mention the product - my husband of 24 years left me 6 months ago and I can tell you that sex is one thing that I miss. Not any more - the Rabbit can fulfill what a male cannot foresee. Thank you
LolaSubmission by (Posted on )
I purchased the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic a little over a week ago and I haven't been able to stop using it!

I was a little nervous about purchasing this device at first as i've never owned a vibrator before, but the nights away from my boyfriend can sometimes get lonely (and frustrating!)

I used it the night i received it and i have to say there's only been a few nights since then that i haven't used it. It makes me come every time! The little vibrating rabbit has to be my favourite bit, especially as it has 7 different modes and i enjoy trying each and everyone one. This has definately been a worthwhile purchase!

Femplay were very discreet and prompt with their delivery and i ended up with a great product too. You can't go wrong with this one :)
Mischievous MinxSubmission by (Posted on )
I am one of the many toy virgins who now wishes she had discovered the wonders of the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic sooner!

It was so easy to order and the discreet parcel was on my doorstep two days later. I eagerly opened the package and admired my purchase. Thinking I would rinse it and store it till I next got to have a saucy session with my boyfriend on skype (he's currently working overseas), I took it to the bathroom.

I lathered Mr Rabbit up, and running my hand up and down the slippery shaft, I realized it felt just like my boyfriend's erect cock, and I became aroused. I played with the buttons, and held the pulsing clit kisser against my nipple. This sent ripples of pleasure right to my core and I became even more hot and moist. I lowered myself to my knees on the bathroom floor, and flicking on the rotating shaft, slid the Rabbitron between my legs. Oh, my, god. A soft moan unexpectedly escaped my lips. I couldn't hold back, I thrust it inside me. The revolving head massaged my G-spot to a state of bliss, while the vibrating clit stimulator took me beyond the point of no return. I simultaneously climaxed inside and out, and with such intensity I continued quivering for some time afterwards.

I've been unable to stop thinking about it, and can't wait to do it again with the webcam on so my boyfriend can watch too. Delicious!
TrishSubmission by (Posted on )
AMAZING. I have a boyfriend of 2 years who I love, but NEVER has anything we've done together led me to reach this level of esctasy.

I had never experienced an orgasm before, or really masturbated for that matter...I never knew what to do! But I was curious, and desperately wanted to experience the sensation my boyfriend feels regularly. So I scanned the catalogues of many online adultshops and femplay BY FAR had the most reasonable prices and deals AND they guaranteed i would get the product the next working day, absolutely fantastic.

I decided on the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic as it was a reasonable price and was so popular...and let me tell you, it's popular for a reason. I was initially skeptical of if it would work, but almost straight away it got me aroused and before long I had my first orgasm.

It's simple, if you want to orgasm, buy the Rabbitronic now...IT IS WORTH IT!
Sweet-As-SpiceSubmission by (Posted on )
I got my rabbitronic in the mail this morning from Femplay, so off I toddled to try it out.

Well i have alot of sex toys but just found my favourite WOW the orgasm was so good, one of the best i have ever had. It was multiple and just went on and on and i could almost say i could not take it. The tingle afterwards went on for ages.

Man i can not wait to go again so i will sign off and get to it thanks Femplay i will become a regular customer of your company and looking forward to trying new things.
Miss MSubmission by (Posted on )
I'm a 36 year old geek currently enjoying a mid-life crisis, and am pretty new to the whole sex-toy experience. Yesterday afternoon, after considerable research and hormonal longing, I decided to lash out and buy the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic, which was on special and seemed very reasonably priced considering all its features and speeds.

Anyway, it arrived at my door at 8.30 this morning. 19 hours after ordering it online, it's in my hand. I know location must have something to do with delivery time, but gosh, you gotta give props for that.

So, I rip open the package (thanks to femplay for being so discreet too, the parcel looked just like any of my weekly ebay clothing purchases) and as soon as I held the vibrator in my hand, I felt confident that I'd made a new friend.

It takes 4 batteries and is like a beautiful little rocket ship. With a tickler. So I rang work and said I'd be late (anyone can teach a grade 8 maths class anyway, it's not like I'd be missed) and settled down to get to know the Rabbitronic.

I guess the most important information I need to share is that I just experienced my first ever vaginal orgasm. Love the clitoral ones, and am very very happy with them, but I've never been able to have the other kind, and have always been curious and a bit envious of other women who can. I paid under $70 for the Rabbitronic, and after it gave me that orgasm, I swear to god that I would have paid more than 10 times that amount for the same experience. Girls, if you have a similar struggle, this thing worked for me, so maybe you should give it a go.

The rotating head and the nobby bits just underneath, and the swirling bead things, are wonderful. It's easy to hold and to press the buttons, varying the settings and intensities. The little rabbit-ear clit tickler is absolutely sensational, but it can be turned off, which I did, so I could concentrate on the turning and twisting of the head and shaft. I found my sweet spot, and just lay on the bed saying oh my god, over and over again. I could even go hands free and lay totally naked and relaxed, and let the rotating, pulsating vibrator do its job virtually unaided. So after about 15 minutes, I had an intense orgasm that felt like it came from deeper inside, and I'm just so happy.

Thanks for the product, and the lightning fast, discreet service!
CrystalSubmission by (Posted on )
43 and never had an orgasm! Sisters, do not wait as along as I did! I am a farmer and I now have difficulty in riding my motor bike thanks to the awakening of my senses!!!!!
AdrianSubmission by (Posted on )
All i can say is OH MY GOD.
I bought this toy for my girlfriend to add some spice to foreplay and it is amazing. Never before have i seen her come so much. The size and weight seemed daunting but once we got going there was no holding back.
This is the most amazing present i have ever given her, and with the free mini vibe we have hours of fun together.
LindaSubmission by (Posted on )
It started with a burning desire for that uncontrolable multiple orgasmic release! Oh how my body burns for sex, to the point it almost overtakes me, It's like I'm addicted to having multiple orgasms.

Being constantly aroused is very frustrating, My body aches. I am unsatable. My partner is absolutely unbelievable!, and although we thrive on great sex, I needed help!

I've always been a great admirer of the amazing types of Toys available, I had a basic vibrator, I felt it was time to upgrade! I wanted More! I needed More!!

So 3 days ago, I bought My very first Eclipse 7 Rabbitronic vibrator, and a sensational DVD, as well as a mini vibrator.

I was excited on the anticipation of arrival and yesterday My very discreet package arrived!!!

Last Night was absolutely sensational. A night to remember.

The lights were dimmed to a radient glow, the 3 ladies featured on the DVD were were having a fucking good time! and my partner & I were highly aroused watching.

I had my rabbitronic in my hot little hands, I giggled in anticipation, my partner was eager to watch the show!

The soft occolating head was gently rotating, the rabbit clit vibe was in pulsing mode, and I was laying back glistening with sexual aousal, I gently inserted the rabbit, Oh the sensation almost took my breath away, as the vibrator gently bore deeper into my heated core, I arched my back slightly so the clit vibe could tingle me into orgasmic bliss.

With in minutes I was increasing the speed, and moaning urgently, I could feel the white hot peak of vaginal pleasure coming, and at the same time my clit was going to explode.All I had to do was Lay there, and let it Consume me...........

The timing of both Orgasms was absolutely Perfect! The intense sensation through my clit I felt was Incredable, Like white hot spasmotic tremors ripping through my body at lightening speed! and the release was Very wet!

That was one, of the many Orgasms I had! We Had a great NIGHT!!!

And although I feel quite relieved today, the thought Of my new toys makes me smile and Tingle!!!!

Thankyou SO much!
KCSubmission by (Posted on )
Just wanted to give a review on the rabbitronic I purchased.

If you are one of those people who had never achieved orgasm through "normal" ways - just purchase the rabbitronic!!!! WOW.......

It has so many different functions, vibrations, rhythms.... it is fantastic.....

It has changed my life!!"
MamaSubmission by (Posted on )
I have to agree with all of the reviews, the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic is the most amazing vibrator ever invented for clitoral stimulation.

I first used a vibrator 7 years ago but it’s been about 5 years since I last used it. I thought I’d try it again as I’ve just had a baby and don’t feel very attractive in the bedroom at the moment so I figured I deserved to treat myself to a new one, the discount and free gift was an added bonus.

I used it last night whilest my husband was out and oh my god it is the best feeling I’ve ever had. I didn't know what was happening to me, there were some different feelings happening down there and explosive orgasms, I had to tell my husband this morning it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

I’ve recommended it to a friend who will buy one straight away! My grandmother is also getting one. I would recommend it to anyone, you will not be disappointed with the results...
ToriaSubmission by (Posted on )
My favourite vibrator just stopped working – what was I to do? My boyfriend worked out of town and we both looked forward to our nightly phone trysts.

I searched the Femplay website and decided on the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic although I was sure it couldn’t be as good as my last vibrator.

It was so easy to order and it was delivered discreetly the next day. That night my boyfriend was listening to me orgasm again and again. Not only as good as my last vibrator but even better.

I love the controls so easy to use even one handed! And the 7 different vibrating modes just blow my mind; add to that the rotating shaft and the spinning beads and I am in heaven. The size and feel is just perfect.

If you haven’t tried the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I recommend you buy one and discover for yourself how fantastic this vibrator is.
ShaniSubmission by (Posted on )
There is one word I can confidently repeat to tell you how impressed I am with the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic ..... WOW.... WOW .... WOW!!!!

Being my first ever experience with any type of female toy I have to say I was a little apprehensive to say the least. The first time I tried the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic I thought, "Yeah, it's pretty good", but trust me, once you have tried each different setting and at different angles to hit the 'spot' you will be gripping your pillow tightly!!

I have to say that "BOB" (aka my "Battery Operated Boyfriend") has definitely become a very special friend in my bedroom. He can rock my world very nicely and the nice thing is ... he keeps going as long as I need him!

Definitely two-thumbs up for this toy. I can't believe I didn't find him sooner.

Thank you for making it so safe, discreet and easy to use your website. Well done.
SallySubmission by (Posted on )
I've had my fair share of sexual partners over the years and I have never once come close to having an orgasm. I've used smaller vibrators before but they really didn't do anything for me.

I orderd the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic from Femplay, used it as soon as it arrived - the very next day - and I had an orgasm within 5 minutes! I honestly could not belive it, it was like a dream come true!!!

I have to admit though I was a bit taken back by the size and weight of it but once I got going I couldn't have been HAPPIER!

MegzSubmission by (Posted on )
As soon as my Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic arrived i used it again and again and again - it's awesome.

The BEST vibrator i have EVER used! Brought me to a climax in seconds, reccomend it!

The 7 speeds including pulsating modes & 7 speeded spinning beads feel so good you want more & more.

Will never go back to the plain vibrator. Thankyou, I have found my new best friend!
New WomanSubmission by (Posted on )
Oh my God!!!
I am a toy virgin and have never used anything in the bedroom before. But after a night with the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic and the G High Vibrating Penis Ring my husband and I are converts.
I was worried at first being such a new experience but once we got started I was fine and loved it!! I used it, he used it and we used it. Our love making was longer, more exciting and more intense than it has been in a long time. It seems crazy that some toys can make such a difference, but for anyone out there contemplating..... just do it!
I can't wait to do it all again and probably try some new toys as well.
LeeSubmission by (Posted on )
Your lingerie is extremely well priced at first view on your site and once receiving it I was delighted to find it's very well made and the sheer fabrics do not snag and are hard-wearing.....Furthermore the fast discreet delivery was amazing ! PS, love the Eclipse Ultra Rabbitronic ;0)
WendySubmission by (Posted on )
As I recently purchased one of your products the Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic, I have never experienced anything like it. It was a great experience and never in my life I thought I would enjoy such a great product, very very enjoyable.

Both myself and my partner thinks its great - he gets so much pleasure in knowing that I have used it when he is not around, but also enjoys playing with me for some great foreplay before sex...

I cant be more happier...
SimoneSubmission by (Posted on )
I want to make a very public announcement, yes I am very new to all of this stuff.

But I thought I would suprise my wife with a little birthday suprise, not knowing exactly what to get I read Jenifer's review on the Elicpse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic and thought well I can't go wrong.

Well Jenifer's recommendation was sensational, my wife now loves me to death, and her new friend, BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend). While she was uncertain about using BOB, for the first time, she now cannot keep her hands off it.

The rotating shaft sent my wife in a spin and admits that, it gave her the best orgasm ever.

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Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic

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