Medisil Magic Touch Massager  

Medisil Magic Touch Massager

After the amazing worldwide success of the Hitachi Magic Wand, we've all been impatiently waiting for one compatible with our own Australian power points.

...and we finally have one!

The Medisil Magic Touch has been carefully crafted from the same components as the Hitachi to create a basically identical product.

After we received our first shipment of the Medisil Magic Touch, the first thing we did was plug one in right next to a Hitachi Magic Wand and run them side by side for a comparison...Amazing! It's almost impossible to tell them apart! The Australian adaptation is a vast improvement though, simply due to the fact that you no longer have to lug those annoying, bulky American power transformers around!

One thing we're very excited about is the ability to completely replace the massagers head with specially designed Silicone attachments made right here in Australia!

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$9.99 3-7 Days
$14.99 1-2 Days
FREE shipping on orders over $100


$9.99 3-7 Days
$14.99 1-2 Days
FREE shipping on orders over $100

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Product Description


Designed specifically for Australian women, the Magic Touch is the Australian version of the world renowned Hitachi Magic Wand, modified to work with Australian power points without the need for cumbersome transformers.

A massive improvement over the American version is the new two metre power cord, allowing you to enjoy yourself much more freely!

Supplied with a 100% medical grade silicone head, perfect for clitoral use and completely hygenic and easy to clean.

Length: 32cm
Width: 6cm

Since filming the below presentation, the Medisil Magic Wand has undergone a major design update and is now half the weight of the original, weighing just over 400g, and is significantly quieter.

*Please note: Being powered by 240v this massager's vibrations are VERY strong and possibly not the best option for those just venturing into the world of toys! Also, make sure it is never plugged in or used in or around water.

* Please note: This product has an Australian/NZ 240v power plug
and is not suitable for use outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Silicone Head
Phthalate Free Yes
Colour White
240v Yes
Batteries 240v
Length 32cm
Width 6cm
Noise Level Very Noticeable
Made In China
Manufacturer DownUnder Sex Toys
Best vibratorSubmission by (Posted on )
This is hands down the best vibrator on the market, I don't think anyone who uses this will ever not orgasm. It is definitely worth the price.
Very happySubmission by (Posted on )
Wow! It was my first time using a massager, usually I dont get off from clitoral stimulation but thought id give it a try. It is very intense. I could only handle using the low setting at the start, but now can move between low and high. I cant stand the high setting for very long yet, its just too intense. Put a towel down before you use one of these! Very happy with the price, got a free gift of beads with it which I havent got the courage to use yet. Delivery was quick and discreet, very happy all round :)
DarrenSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought this for my wife a year ago and it took her that long to work up the courage to use it as she's never been much for using toys either solo or together (I've bought her numerous other toys over the years to try and all were meh).

One session with it was all it took for her to become hooked! She made noises and pulled faces I've never seen before :)

If you don't have one or are thinking about getting one for either yourself or for your partner, don't think, buy it, neither of you will regret it.

This product is the holy grail of sex toys. I just wish there was more selection of attachments for men (although the "Humming Bird" is a total winner but that's another story :).

N and VSubmission by (Posted on )
We so enjoy our Medisil Magic Touch Massager. We have christened it “Defender” – Land Rover enthusiasts will understand this reference!

Strong and powerful, with understated style and finesse. It is wonderful to be tied up, fully clothed, to a tree down by the creek in the bottom paddock – generator humming in the background, glass of champagne and two Border Collies nearby – with this Magic Wand held gently between my legs.

My lover (that’s V of course) slips his hand down the front of my dress, moves our “Defender” firmly in a swirling motion - I gasp and I cum. And this is only the start of our afternoon!! As birds soar overhead and a platypus swims quietly by we ………
OneLuckyGirlSubmission by (Posted on )
After researching the Medisil Magic Touch on the internet and reading about all the amazing things it did for hundreds of women, I decided to take the plunge and purchase one. Femplay’s ingenious idea of including a free “thank you gift” with my purchase made the idea even more tantalising— that coupled with the free shipping on items over $125 meant that on the whole package I saved at least $30. Absolute Bargain!

Ordering could not have been more user-friendly, and thank goodness for Femplay’s amazing same day shipping, next day delivery; I was so encouraged by the outstanding reviews that I wanted my Magic Touch yesterday!

My face was glued to the window the day it was due to arrive, and when it did… I was very glad to see that the shipping was incredibly discreet – so discreet, in fact, I wasn’t even sure if it was the Magic Touch or not!!

I spent the next hour thoroughly “testing out” my new toy; I tried using it with warming liquid, without warming liquid, with the silicone cap, with the rubber cap; it was all incredible. The low setting was still very powerful, and switching between the low and high settings brought me wave after wave of pleasure. There was no way I could ever be more satisfied than that!

Not until my husband came home, anyway. We took turns trying it out on each other. He never liked the feel of a vibrator before, so I had to coax him into it by starting with slow and steady pressure on his back and neck, and finally down to his thighs, and between. Within moments, he had an earth-shattering, body shuttering orgasm that sent me into an incredible heat and had him absolutely on fire. When he flipped me on my back and held it firmly between my spread legs with no amount of pleading to deter him, I learned that the Magic Touch is gold on its own, and platinum with a partner.

I will be ordering so much more now – Femplay has inspired me to start trying all kinds of new things in the bedroom!

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Medisil Magic Touch Massager

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FREE shipping on orders over $100

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