Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibrator  

Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe

The Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe is Femplay’s No. 1 best selling vibrator of all time! The Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe has a myriad of spectacular pearls swirling in the mid shaft of the rabbit with the firm jelly tip delivering powerfully intense vibrations at the push of a button. The Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe comes in a cute clear pink coloured Polymer and its delightful rabbit ears will send shivers down your spine as they rub against your clit. Definitely a favourite amongst Femplay buyers, if you are looking for a Rabbit that is not going to break the bank, grab this toy NOW!

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Product Description


Introducing one of Femplay's bestselling vibrators of all time: the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe.

This incredibly powerful rabbit vibrator lets you take complete control of your orgasm with direct, intense stimulation at the push of a button. Enjoy double the fun whenever and however you want it, with its thick, textured shaft and its clitoral stimulator for simultaneous vibration and twice the pleasure.

Ideal for both beginners and the more experienced pleasure-seekers, this affordable and luxurious Rabbit Vibe will take you well over the edge every time. Complete with a firm jelly tip and a range of adjustable vibration levels, this smooth and glossy vibrator will ignite all your senses and help you achieve your most powerful orgasms to date!

Made of a smooth and flexible pink jelly polymer, this uniquely textured toy is firm yet pliable for longer and more intense play, with no risk of chafing. Use it with a small amount of your favourite lubricant for even more extended sessions, and experience the mind-blowing pleasure and enjoyment that comes with simultaneous internal and external stimulation.

You can even power up in the bath, shower or spa with this 100% waterproof vibrator! It's a must-have for every toy collection, and will have you coming back again and again for the complete power it puts in your hands. Adjust the vibration and intensity to the level you desire, for smooth and passionate experiences that are controlled exactly the way you want them.

Perfectly contoured to work with the natural curves of your body, the Rabbit Vibe has a thick 3.7cm shaft with a 12cm insertable length, to easily explore a range of direct and instantly satisfying sensations whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy it on your own or share the fun with a partner for sensual, exciting play and enhanced orgasms time after time.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Clear Pink Polymer
Colour Pink
Batteries 3 x AA Batteries (supplied)
Length 26cm (12cm Insertable)
Width 3.7cm
Noise Level Quiet
Made In China
Manufacturer Seven Creations Sex Toys
10/10Submission by (Posted on )
This is by far one of the best toys. It has just enough power no matter what setting its on and it is extremely easy to use. It's enough to tease on the lowest setting and enough to send you through the roof on the highest!

Shipping was fast and discreet which is always a huge plus!
great for beginnerSubmission by (Posted on )
I was looking for a cute little toy for under $50 while I was buying some essentials and thought – why not? As there are plenty of good reviews and being the best selling toy, I was looking forward to its arrival. It’s a pretty basic rabbit toy. It has a nice clear pink colour and easy to maneuver controls to increase or decrease the vibrations for the shaft and rabbit. To be honest, it isn’t my favourite toy (I have over 23 of them now) and its fairly ‘simple as it comes’ for a rabbit – but it certainly isn’t the worst toy I have ever purchased in my life. It gets you off quickly and does the job. This would be a great toy for someone who has never bought a toy before or is getting his or her first rabbit (this is my 5th rabbit alone). There are plenty of swirling pearls so there are plenty of textured vibrations with this toy. For the advanced toy user I would say grab a iVibe Rabbit and spend a bit more for the bells and whistles but this is a good solid beginners rabbit and certainly worth a look in for the beginner user.
amazing!!!!Submission by (Posted on )
These are the best orgasims I've had! I play with it for hours
Best toy yetSubmission by (Posted on )
This toy is unreal! Best $50 I have spent at Femplay and I was really happy to find that not only did I get the batteries included, but I also got some free lube as a gift along with my rabbit. I like that the toy is a bit ‘fem’ being a lovely candy pink colour and it doesn’t have a weird plastic-y smell like some toys you can buy. The shipping was super fast as I had my toy within two days from ordering it. All I need now is my 50 shades book, a glass of wine and I will be set!
PaulaSubmission by (Posted on )
The clitorus rabbit vibrating ears are simply divine !! I must say that now that I have purchased a few lovely toys from Femplay, I am getting to know what size, shape texture of product I like. This vibrator is often a little too chunky and thick in size for me at times, and I have just ordered a slightly smaller quieter version, as I have sleeping kids next door. (Although sometimes I think my wild loud pleasure yelping would wake them before the vibrator purr !
(Make sure your careful when cleansing, as I got water in under the shalft & it hasn't operated the same since) Although the rabbit ears are plenty of stimulation!!
BernadetteSubmission by (Posted on )
This was my first purchase/experience with a decent vibrator, and OMG this little beauty did not disappoint!! After finding just the right angle, about 15 minutes after first turning it on, I had a mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasm. I honestly don't think I've ever had one so strong before in my life. Hope I didn't startle my neighbours! I'm still feeling "after-shocks" nearly an hour later. Being a single girl in my early 40s, this rabbit vibe is a god send. I reckon it would be fun to use with a partner as well, but I will be happy to use it on my own! Very easy to use, and I like that it uses AA batteries. HIGHLY recommend to any woman who wants an effective toy.
RobertSubmission by (Posted on )
This is the first time I have owned one of these vibrators. A lady friend of mine
used it recently, it was the first time she had used a Rabbit vibrator, she found
it extremely satisfying, so much so that she requests the use of it every time
she visits. She recently tried it on a girlfriend of hers, that also had never used
one before, she was ecstatic about it, and now wants to purchase one for
herself! I am going to visit The Philippines shortly and hope the girls over there
enjoy it as much as the girls do here! I am seriously thinking of purchasing a
second one. Can't have too much of a good thing!!
KatSubmission by (Posted on )
My original Sparkling Clear Rabbit died. Probably from over use! Devastated. It did last 4 years though so no complaints. Was so happy that it was still available at Femplay and a little cheaper than last time too I think.

Best thing ever the product hasn't changed a bit and delivers those mind numbing orgasms. As always 100% happy with the discreet delivery, free gift and service.

It's easy to see why it's so popular. Easy to operate, the perfect size, and excellent value for money...compared to a night out at the movies this puppy provides years of spectacular fun not just hours!!!
ChelseaSubmission by (Posted on )
Well, originally my girlfriend told me that she missed the one that she lost a while ago so really wanted it again and recommended it to me. So we decided to buy this together and it was the best decision ever!

There's heaps of different and pleasurable ways to use this both by yourself when your significant other isn't around, or to spice up the bedroom a bit together.

It's an amazing product and feels absolutely amazing!

Also appreciate the discrete and fast shipping of the product as we were both waiting for it to arrive in the mail after the purchase and i didn't really want anyone in my household to get a hold of it haha.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs something new and exciting to use with their partner, or if you just need a friend on those lonely nights, this product will really satisfy your needs beyond belief!
carolyn Submission by (Posted on )
This is the first time I have purchased this item. I was very happy how easy it was to search and order it on the website and the order was quickly dispatched. I also like being able to read the information about buying a vibrator and how to use it and the video was good to see.
I am not totally happy with this product. I like the rabbit ears, they hit the right spot, their vibration is nice and quiet but the sound for the other part is loud. It can distract from the pleasure of the vibrator.
MariSubmission by (Posted on )
well this was my first purchase i was nervous as i never brought anything like this before and didnt want poeple to know but when i had look on here and they showed how it was wrapped i was happy to know that when it was dilvered no one would know what it was!
As this is only my first vibrator i ever own and my first rabbit i was excited to try it, i must have to say it was the best! with my boyfriend away it really has helped and truthfully no guy has made me feel pleasure like this rabbit vibe has! i am so glad i made this purchase and would reccomend it to any girl to give it a try. it is really great!
golf-widowSubmission by (Posted on )
When I ordered my Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe I expected delivery in about a week. You can imagine how surprised I was to find the card in my PO Box the next day after work! I liked the discreet packaging too, as in this small town the PO workers know me by name and by PO box number without my saying a word, when I present the card to them.

I could hardly wait to get home and try it, as my partner was away and I enjoyed complete privacy to try out my pink, pearly treasure. Just looking at it was a complete turn-on! I got a mind-blowing orgasm within 5 minutes of turning it on and getting it into the right position. And another 4 orgasms followed in succession until I was too worn out to do any more! I am surprised how long the batteries are lasting, because of course I've used it a lot in the month since I bought it! The discreet name on my bank statement was another good plus. I would recommend the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe to any woman for fun whether alone or with your partner, whether experienced or looking for their first orgasm. You can't miss out with this one!
CazSubmission by (Posted on )
Firstly, big congratulations on your very speedy professional and discreet order handling. I was a bit concerned because this is a new venture for me, and I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t need to worry. My new plaything arrived very quickly, and discreetly packed.

Now to the products! The sparkling clear rabbit vibe is very effective but to be honest I did find it a bit on the big side for total comfort. I am quite small, so a mini rabbit vibe is probably going to be my next toy. The noise level was a bit off-putting to start with, but once I got busy I forgot about that. I really love the bunny with his quivering ears, I’ve also used just that bit and still got great orgasms, so I will definitely be back soon to treat myself to more fun and games.

The free neon mini vibe was a welcome gift. It makes me wonder -Why on earth did I wait so long ??!!
Vibe VirginSubmission by (Posted on )
I was a vibrator virgin when I came to this site and wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. But when I saw that the sparkling clear rabbit vibe had been voted a best seller for multiple years and all the wonderful reviews for it I decided to choose it as my first.

It arrived the next day, just as promised. I was a little put off by the size of the shaft, but the rabbit made up for it. I found the vibrations from the rabbit a little intense as I was not used to it, so I put a thin cloth over it to dull it down a bit until I got used to it. And as previous people have said the rabbit is what makes the vibrator worth it as it gives you, without doubt, intense orgasms. The different speeds are great for controlling the strength of your orgasms, too.

I was very impressed with how highly femplay regards the anonymity of its customers, and will definitely be buying from here again.
DanniSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought the Sparkling Clear Rabbit vibe a few months ago. Although I was a bit disappointed with the size of the shaft (really, far too big to be comfortable, unless you're really turned on), its the clit stimulator attached to the vibrator that I absolutely love. I have never had the type of experience with a clit stimulater that is quite the same as this one. It just has the right level of vibration and intensity needed. I wish I could purchase the exact same stimulator on its own, but I've tried a couple, and none have had the same result.

When the shaft is turned on and rotating, its pretty loud, so you don't want to be using it anywhere that has thin walls. But thankfully you can use the clit stimulator without having the shaft working at the same time.

I've almost burnt out the motor on this one, even though I rarely use the actual shaft itself. I'll be getting a replacement soon!! I recommend it if you're looking for a powerful clit stimulator and a large shaft, but if you need something smaller, this one isn't for you.
Big SmileSubmission by (Posted on )
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the best service and best product I think I have ever had.

I purchased the Sparkling Clear Rabbit vibe from you and love it!! I have never bought anything like it before and was so pleased I started now.

What a sensation and the orgasm was incredible. There are so many different combinations of vibrations and rotations that you can vary your orgasm each time. It rocked my world!

It was not as scary as I thought and very soft and easy to use. You made it so easy to choose with your fantastic opinion and reviews.

It is a great site and the product arrived so quickly. It has made me want to order more and so thank you for your help and great products.
Kinky KatSubmission by (Posted on )
Having thrown out my previous vibrator, thinking that I don't really need it anymore (silly, silly me) I realised that I really did. Not wanting to go to my local adult shop, I searched the web, found www.femplay.com.au and discovered the “Sparking Clear Rabbit Vibrator” It is the master of all vibrators!!!

Hours and hours of infinite pleasure…with its multi-speed jelly pearl filled rotating shaft and head wiggles, the pearl-like beads that rotate and the bunny ears that vibrate, it’s just simply heaven in my hands!!

Thinking that my new "pet" was just going to be there for some mild pleasure, I certainly was wrong, the vibrating bunny ears is my clitoris' new plastic BFF!

Ladies go ahead and spoil nay, treat yourself to the best creation known to women.
Happy CatSubmission by (Posted on )
After getting the Sparkling Clear Rabbit vibrator out of the box i was quite sceptical about how good it was going to work. But after five minutes of use i had a fantastic clitoral orgasm using the rabbit.

I am still working on other settings. This vibrator is a little noisy when working with the vibrating beads, but great fun!!
NSubmission by (Posted on )
I was so excitied in recieving my rabbit vibe after the reviews i had read and i tell u girls all something now, it is sooooooooooooo much better then it sounds, it gets u in all the right places and has you cumming again and again,the rabbit clit vibe is sensational and the flixabilty in the settings suits you for what ever mood your in, i highly reccomened this to everyone!!! all i can say is thanx femplay
KimSubmission by (Posted on )
WOW, this is the best purchase I made so far. I'm so glad that I bought the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe, it's a great product for a low, low price.

It's fun to play with and it's so easy to operate. The Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe give me all I can handle.

When I first come accross the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe and read some reviews, I thought that people were exaggerating too much on this Vibe but I went ahead and bought one anyway. When it arrived the very next day and I tried it that very same night and suddenly it came clear to me that people were not exaggerating at all when they wrote reviews for the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe.

Thank you Femplay and I'd love to look forward to buying from you again!
BextaSubmission by (Posted on )
I'm one of those unlucky ladies who had never had an orgasm. I had resigned to the fact that it was never going to happen for me. I stumbled across Femplay one day and saw the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe; I noted it was a best seller and thought I’d give it a try.

WELL! Thanks to this great creation I can get there and have never been more fulfilled sexually. It’s all about the rabbit ears! They are just in the perfect position for stimulation and with the vibration it took little effort, you can really just let it do its thing and before you know it your there!

I hope it never dies and they don’t stop producing it because I cannot contemplate life without it! Best money I ever spent!
Triple BSubmission by (Posted on )
I recently bought the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe, sounds great huh? Well it is, my girlfriend cant get enough i think soon enough ill be fending her off with it lol, but seriously within a matter of seconds she's saying i think i'm gonna cum off this, guess what, she did.

Also the neon mini vibe is definitely a party starter and gets her wet even when its not her horniest night. Don't wait people get one now and find out what your missing out on.
YolandeSubmission by (Posted on )
Having only experienced mild orgasms from oral stimulation I was looking for something to broaden my horizons. I had never used a sex toy before and was

very curious about their abilities.

A multi setting clitoral vibrator was recommended to me and I had heard many women praise the Rabbit. I chose the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe because it fit

all my criteria and is very affordable. After only one

use I now know why this is Femplay's top selling vibrator!

The rabbit ears enable an intense clitoral orgasm and the subtle rotating head adds to the pleasure - a new experience for me. I found this product very easy to

use and satisfying beyond my expectations, I had no idea what I was missing.

I truly believe that every woman should have one of these as a means of stress relief and relaxation, the world would be a much happier place! Take it from me

ladies, you wont regret the Rabbit!
JeanSubmission by (Posted on )
I must say that the "Sparkling Clear Rabbit" certainly lived up to my expectations!

The choice of intensity for the vibrations is wonderful and also the various speeds for the rotating head.

What can I say...almost every girl's dream...until the real thing is available lol!

I was very impressed by the very quick delivery service and the discreet packaging and I will certainly be checking the site to see what other great items are available. As a first time buyer of adult "toys" I would certainly recommend this site to any ladies who are wishing to make a discreet order for some very worthwhile and stimulating purchases.
LSubmission by (Posted on )
I recently turned 40 and thought I would finally treat myself to a vibrator. My girlfriends have been raving about them for years, and I've meant to get one for years, and now finally have!

I decided to go for the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe and OMG how wonderful it is. My hubby and I used it the first night I received it, and it finished me off nicely. And he enjoyed using it on me as well.

Since then I have got my vib out when I'm alone and I've never had such fantastic orgasims before. This is definately a great Vib, especially if your a newbie like me using them. I have even given it a name, my Mr D! :)

Thankyou for the prompt mail out of it also. What a great company, definately will be purchasing more.
LindiSubmission by (Posted on )
Well, the whole process was just so easy with Femplay.

Fabulously girl friendly, girl run website - with no unnecessary smut.

Easy, discrete payment, fabulously fast delivery in a very discrete package and a cute little rabbit to play with, looking all innocent in pink and sparkly, but not once I turned it on!

I flicked it on to low speed, then faster and faster and it was just so enticing, I was wet just with anticipation of my little gift for myself.

It was so powerful and quiet! But I wasn't. Wow! And I hadn't even tried out its other ability - the wiggling, head bobbling little sway it does, as though it was dying to be inside me!

Now whenever I can't sleep or whenever I like at all, I have my favourite toy to play with.

My advice ladies, just get it! It never dissapoints!
HarvestSubmission by (Posted on )
OMG!!!! Thankyou........received my purchase, Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibrator, today......

I had the most amazing knee trembler ever............mmmmmwah.

Other items are just perfect.......

I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SaraSubmission by (Posted on )
Oh my God!
I never knew what I was missing out on - the little ears tickle in just the right place and the rotating pearls in the shaft are totally mind blowing!
We love it, love it, love it!
KesSubmission by (Posted on )
I was really impressed at how fast our order arrived. Usually it takes ages with Australia Post.

My Partner was very excited to try out our new toys and couldn't wait for me to get home from work.

We were rather surprised at the size of the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe so my partner suggested starting with the Neon vibe mini, feeling in a very playful mood thanks to Femplay, I decided to run the mini vibe up and down his shaft and then concentrated on the head of his penis, he enjoy this so much that he made certain I came multiple times that night.

The Neon vibe mini is a handy little toy and was a great start to a very enjoyable night and prepared me for the wonderful orgasm the Rabbit Vibe produces, once we worked out what settings worked best for me.

The slide controls make adjusting the intensity of the vibration and rotation easy, even for a beginner to this type of vibrator. (that would be ME!)
StephanieSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe and I am very impressed with it. It works even better than I expected and

it is a great addition to my sex life. It really turns me on and I had to take it easy at first as the sensation was amazing.

I also want to thank Femplay for replacing my first vibe which was faulty and the great service they provided. I am definitely a very pleased customer and can’t wait to add to my sex toy collection.
RochelleSubmission by (Posted on )
WOW, That's all I can say! First time I used the sparkling clear rabbit vibe, I came in about 30 seconds! The bunny ears does it wonders. And the rotating head was MAGNIFICENT. I really did enjoy my first time with a vibrator - brilliant!
ChelseaSubmission by (Posted on )
My husband and I have a great sex life but was looking for something to spice it up. After some searching we found Femplay's website, it's comfortable to use and nicely presented (unlike some others we glanced at).

We came across the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe and after reading reviews and comparing with others decided this was the one for us. BOY were we right! Never have I reached such highs of delight, my husband was also extremely turned on watching me and watching the rabbit work on me. It excited me to see him so aroused, fantastic!!! I have also enjoyed using this on myself and found it comfortable to handle.

We found it quiet while using the rabbit alone but (as we have a house full of late teens) have discovered that the radio needs to be on while using the head. But its worth the embarrasment!

I would suggest using the lower settings for first time users as the stronger settings are really orgasmic pulling and can become too hot to handle if unused to vibrators. Personally we loved it and will be shopping again in the future for more fun.

Thank you Femplay for helping us feel comfortable enough to want to buy. Keep up the great work you've made us regulars now.
CookieSubmission by (Posted on )
I can't stress enough how good this is! The sparkinling clear rabbit vibe is not only great value for money, but the most fun I've had in a long time! I love how easy it is to buy toys from you guys, not only are the products great value for money, but I also get express post and a free Mini Vibe! Now that is awesome! Look forward to buying from you again!
CaseySubmission by (Posted on )
I wanted a vibrator to help achieve multiple orgasms so I went searching on the Femplay website... What I found was an incredible selection of toys and tools to help me on my way. The hardest part about shopping with Femplay is having to make a choice, because there is just so much there.

I chose the Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe because it seemed a good place to start. Well, I started all right! And finished, and finished, and finished. The size is big enough without being too scary or too underwhelming and the controls were easy to operate.

The pearl movement is delightful and the small movements of the tips really reach all the right spots. The cute little rabbit isn't nearly as tame as it looks and if it doesn't unleash your inner animal nothing will. The best thing was how easy it was from start to finish.

I got exactly what I ordered and it came almost as fast as I did! With this little guy in my bed I'm guaranteed Happy Holidays...
HappySubmission by (Posted on )
This is a replacement for my last one, which died from over use and left me without my favourite toy, but this has more than replaced the previous version I owned.

I love the controls on the wand itself, they are easy to use and the variety of vibrations is wonderful for the varying stages of achieving fabulous orgasms or the mood I am in.

The vibration is certainly powerful and very soon I realised that I can alter the vibration intensity by increasing or decreasing the speed of the rotating pearls, so double the options and double the fun with those bunny ears!

It is good to look at and even better to use. It's a must have for any top drawer beside a girls bed! Happy again!

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Sparkling Clear Rabbit Vibe

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