Ropes & Restraints

The best way to add a new level of excitement and thrill in the bedroom is to be tied up and restrained. Submit yourself to your lover’s control until you can’t take it anymore, or enjoy the powerful arousal that comes with dominating and being in complete control of your partner’s pleasure.

At Femplay we have a large variety of bondage rope and restraints, from extremely comfortable bondage restraints with padding to leave no trace of your naughty escapades on your skin, to ropes and restraints for those who have had a lot of practise and like it a bit rougher ...

Choose your punishment and experience sex like never before with our full range of erotic bondage restraints and ropes.

Know your ropes and fetish tie ups with our experience and expertise

We stock an extensive range of quality bondage gear to allow you to play hard and play safe while living out your wildest fantasies. Our bondage rope and restraints come in many different shapes, sizes and materials to suit every purpose – if you’re new to bondage play, here’s what you need to know before making your choice of restraint:


Ropes and restraints come in a number of different materials, including nylon, silicone, silk, satin and leather. Each has a different feel and texture against your skin; materials like silk and satin are smooth and soft to the touch, while nylon and leather are rougher and coarser.

Choose a material that you connect with and enjoy the feel of, whether it’s the power and ruggedness of a stiff, dense material or the delicate, feathery touch of silk.


Typical bondage rope lengths include 3 metres, 5 metres and 10 metres to suit different types of ties. If you’re mainly using rope to restrain hands and feet, or tie your partner to the corners of your bed, then shorter lengths are the perfect choice. Longer lengths are designed for more intricate ties such as rope corsets, or for use on taller or larger bodies.

If you’re unsure about the right length for your bondage play, it’s a good idea to start with a shorter length of rope and join more ropes to lengthen it as you need.


Most bondage restraints and ropes are between ¼ to ½ inch (or 6 to 8mm) thick. Its diameter will determine how strong it is, its ability to hold different knots and weights, and its wrap width.

Thinner ropes allow you to tie up more delicate areas such as genitals and heads, while thicker, heavier ropes are designed for certain types of more hard-core bondage play. Light to medium thicknesses are usually the most versatile, and a good choice to start with.

Browse our large range today to begin or add to your collection of must-have bondage gear!

Rope bondage and fetish tips and techniques

Rope bondage is one of the most common forms of bondage play, and includes a number of popular techniques:

Rope wrapping: This is the simplest form of rope bondage, and involves wrapping the rope around the restrained partner’s upper body, or sometimes, their entire body.

Rope weaving: This technique is a bit more complicated. One rope is wrapped around the restrained partner’s body in a zig zag pattern, and then a second rope is woven around it.

Double rope technique: This form is popular for creating decorative rope patterns, and involves the restrained partner being bound by two ropes at the same time.

Single rope technique: This technique is commonly used in sadomasochism, where the restrained partner is bound by one rope, often folded in half.

Important Safety Tips

Using bondage restraints and rope during sex allows you to experience the very exciting world of dominance and submission with a partner you trust. But tying someone up during bondage play can be dangerous if not done correctly, so it’s very important to always take it slow and keep to the following safety tips:

- Don’t tie the bondage rope too tight. The aim is to restrain your partner and restrict their movement, not cut off their circulation. The rope should always be loose enough to fit two fingers between the rope and your partner’s skin.

- Check circulation frequently by looking for any areas of your partner’s skin that might be turning white or blue, and communicate with them often through discussion or safe signals. Make sure they know to tell you if they start to feel any numbness or pins and needles.

- Never tie rope in a way that might restrict their breathing, especially across their throat.

- Never leave someone tied up alone.

- Keep flat edged medical scissors on hand, in case you need to release your partner quickly at any point.

- Beginners should not be tied up for longer than 15-30 minutes at a time, while experienced bondage players shouldn’t be tied up for any longer than 60 minutes at a time.

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For more information about our ropes and restraints, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to provide all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Pick up the phone and call us today on 1800 071 267 to speak with one of our helpful and friendly staff, or use our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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