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Take charge of your own satisfaction with the vast collection of powerful vibrators for women and couples from Femplay, Australia’s number one online Adult Shop. We have classic, dildo-style vibrators for a truly realistic experience, body-forming G-spot vibes, bullet vibes and egg vibes for discreet pleasure and orgasm-inducing clit stimulation. We’ve got two-headed vibrators that can be used in either direction for twice the enjoyment, and even vibes designed for triple pleasure – perfect for the truly adventurous!

Whether you’re looking for a gentle tremor or the mighty wand, we’ve got the perfect toy for you ...

While most women love a little solo pleasure with a vibrator, at Femplay some of our most popular new models are couples’ vibrators that can really power up your sex life and keep both of you fully satisfied. For a real adventure, try one of our remote control products and let your partner take control of your pleasure and command your orgasm.

And don’t forget that some of our vibrators for women and couples are rechargeable and waterproof too, making it even easier to play whenever, wherever and however you want!

All our vibrators and sex toys are packed and shipped by the next business day straight to your door, in plain, discreet packaging so that you don’t have to hide it from the neighbours. And with free shipping on all order over $175 and free batteries included with every purchase, you don’t need any more reasons to find your new must-have vibe today!


Find Your Perfect Vibrator from our Huge Selection

Every woman needs a diverse collection of toys to suit your diverse levels of thrill and desire. From the simple essentials to unique and powerful new models for the more daring pleasure seekers, we’ve got a huge range of vibrators for women and couples to suit every sexual need and fancy.

Start or add to your vibe collection today with Femplay.

Rabbit Vibrators: These must-have vibes have both a shaft and a clitoral stimulator for simultaneous pleasure, making it easy to enjoy twice the fun whenever you want! Rabbit vibes are a fantastic model to start with if you’re looking to buy your first toy – they are available in heaps of sizes and colours, and with plenty of extra features so that you can find the perfect companion for solo play or fun with a partner. And if you’re more experienced, we have plenty of more powerful models with adjustable intensities for extended sessions and intense, uncontrollable orgasms.

Clitoral Vibrators: Experience unexplored sensations and achieve your most powerful orgasms to date with clitoral vibrators. If you have trouble reaching orgasm with your partner or with normal vibraters, one of these vibes might just do the trick! Designed to specifically stimulate the clitoris with sensual tremors or gentle sucking sensations, these advanced models will arouse your pleasure centre like nothing else and deliver intense, passionate orgasms again and again.

G-Spot Vibrators: Unlock the hidden pleasures of your G-spot with these innovative, flexible vibrators that contour to the unique shape of your body for the perfect fit from the shaft to the tip. Try something with adjustable vibration settings and synchronised clitoral stimulation to take you right over the edge while you explore on your own, or for something adventurous and passionate with your partner try wearing a couples’ vibrator during sex to share the intensity of controlled vibrations and reach climax together.

Bullet Vibrators: These discreet and versatile vibes offer direct, intense stimulation wherever you choose. Slim and powerful, our bullet vibrators come in various sizes and styles and with multiple vibration settings and features, so the way you play is really up to you! Inside or out, gentle or intense, these amazing vibes are also designed with a smooth tapered tip to make it easy to find the right spot. And they’re small and compact enough to take with you when you’re travelling or out and about – because you never know when the moment is right!

Massagers: Enjoy gentle vibrations all over every part of your body with a tantalising massager, stimulating you inside and out. Perfect for a special night with your partner, use one of our luxurious massagers all over their body to relax every muscle and send smooth caresses over their skin, as the teasing vibrations get your blood flowing and incite you to your core. With an array of different features available from waterproof, rechargeable and exciting attachments, to intense hot and cold temperature control, our massagers have unlimited power for shared pleasure and fun.

Slimline Vibrators: Experience smooth, sleek sensations with these slim and functional designs that are ideal for beginners making their first foray into the world of sex toys. Our slimline vibrators are super-simple to use, with a range of functions to choose from including gentle stimulation, controlled vibrations and more powerful pulsations so you can explore your passions and find out what you really like. Experiment with their sensual touch and discover the satisfaction of controlling your own pleasure, all the way to a mind-blowing finish.

Premium Range Vibrators: Explore our premium range of luxurious, powerful vibrators for women and couples to take your play time to the next level. Sleek and stylish, these vibes deliver smooth, satisfying stimulation to make your body quiver and deliver intense orgasms like you’ve never had before. They’re also available with a range of fun extra features like remote controlled, fully waterproof and rechargeable designs, to put no limit on where or how you play. Indulge in one of our premium range vibes and find out what pleasure really means.


Cleaning and Caring for your Vibrator

Our high quality, sensual vibraters will help you explore your desires both on your own and with your partner to enhance your experiences and orgasms. But whatever you do, don’t ever skip out on taking proper care of your toys – correct cleaning and storage is vital to prevent the build-up of bacteria and infections, and ensure your play time is as clean and safe as it is fun.

Pick up a quality sex toy cleaner and a stash of spare batteries to keep it powered up, and make sure you always keep it properly stored in its case or bag when it’s not being used. Cleaning methods are simple, and will vary depending on what your vibrator is made of. You can find all the information you need about your toys on the packaging, but if you have any questions or aren’t sure, just get in touch!

Plastic: Clean with mild soap and water, rubbing alcohol and specialised sex toy cleaner.

Latex: Clean with mild soap and water, and sex toy cleaner.

Jelly: Clean with mild soap and water, and sex toy cleaner.

Cyberskin: Clean with mild soap and water, sex toy cleaner, and follow with cyberskin-specific powder to maintain its feel and texture.

Silicone: Clean with mild soap and water, and sex toy cleaner.

Always clean your vibrators soon after using them, and dry them thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth. Alternatively, just leave to air dry completely before storing away to prevent mould. Remove the batteries when not in use, and store your toys in a cool, dry place.

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