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Ammunition of Love (RO-80mm)  

Ammunition of Love (RO-80mm)

Possibly the most powerful bullet in the world, the Ammunition of Love is made from smooth chrome and measures 3.15" (8cm) in length. The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction!!!

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Product Description


  • The Ammunition of Love (RO-80mm) is 100% Waterproof. 
  • An Easy to Guide Tapered Tip for Orgasmic Accuracy in Finding the Right Spot
  • Compact and Discreet.
  • One Powerfull Speed
  • Simple on off button control

N Size batteries (supplied)

Additional Info

Additional Info

WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (included)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (included)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (supplied)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (supplied)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (supplied)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
WaterproofFully Waterpoof
Batteries1 X N Size Battery (supplied)
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InUK
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
Batteries2 X N Sized Batteries
Noise LevelQuiet
Made InChina
ManufacturerRocks Off Ltd
VariationsSlim - Gold
PowerfulSubmission by Fanta (Posted on 18/03/2015)
This thing packs a punch.

If really sensitive then this may not be for you. I personally like it as it is generally only after coming for the first time that I become sensitive 'down there'. I can then find it a bit strong or that direct contact is not required.

Partner loves when it I hold against him when I'm down on him - he loves how powerful it is.
Good beginners VibeSubmission by Claudia (Posted on 4/03/2015)
My parter and I loved this little bullet as it's quite easy to use also very affordable. Although at times the one setting can be a little strong.

Overall worth the purchase
KymmieSubmission by Kymmie (Posted on 27/09/2014)
Holy hell, holly hell, holly hell!!!! Best money I have ever spent!! This beautiful little bullet turned me from a moaner to a screamer!! I own quite a few toys including a rabbit and a previous bullet and yet have never done that before!!!!! This power punched little bullet will turn anyone into a screamer that's for sure lol. This and the free duo balls that came with it all were both amazing and I was extremely lucky that no one was in the house that's for sure. I totally recommend this toy to everyone, it is amazing and has made itself my new favourite toy.
IsabellaSubmission by Isabella (Posted on 27/08/2014)
This is my first time buying a vibrator and I have mixed feelings honestly. Its is strong, very strong for me personally so I wouldn't recommend it a first time vibrator. It left me over sensitive and somewhat numb the first few times but I have gotten used to it. Not something I'd always use, but its good for getting you off when you need to do it quickly. It can be heard across the room, so its not the quietest to be honest but this is my first time buying a vibrator so I can only go off that. It can be a little hard to hold and press the button is it get wet or has a lot of lube towards the button. All in all, happy with my purchase.
BunnySubmission by Bunny (Posted on 14/06/2014)
Oh my! Such an amazing product and so powerful, would defiantly recommend this for anyone.
Really worth the price plus it came really quickly and was discreet.
Was my second purchase from Femplay and thinking I might make another one very soon as their service and products are great. What's even better is that the products aren't over priced at all.

My boyfriend loves using it on me and I'm sure we'll keep using it, I love how it comes with batteries so no need to purchase them straight away and it's small enough to put away from people seeing, small but powerful.
JasonSubmission by Jason (Posted on 4/04/2014)
My Partner and I love this little product, its easy to use and very powerful for its size, yet quiet enough for discreet use. This product is highly recommended, it is small enough to carry around in your purse too. This is the very first product we have bought from this web site but it certainly wont be the last time, the prices are very competitive and our product came with free batteries and we were allowed to choose a free gift too. Femplay has very fast shipping which makes this the premium adult site to buy your adult products from. Can not wait until our next product arrives.
CarrissaSubmission by Carrissa (Posted on 14/07/2013)
I really like this vibrator. If this is your first time buying a small vibrator to make you orgasm solo, or during ;) You've made the right choice!

It's perfect during sex, it's small it doesn't get in the way and my boyfriend wasn't intimidated by it! For how small it is, I was surprised by how much power it had! and because it's so small and compact, I can place it in my handbag for when I got out for dinner with the boyfriend incase we have a quickie ;) It's also waterproof!

It's very cheap, and Electronic stores usually sell N size batteries for a good price. I am very excited to learn that there is a rechargeable Ammunition of Love! I definitely will be buying that one, next time around ;)
Very pleased!Submission by Very pleased! (Posted on 21/11/2012)
This little baby is all you need to in the bedroom either alone or with a partner! Just put it on the spot during intercourse and OH MY GOD.... Great to use just on its own as well as in the shower. This is my second one I've brought and I recommend it to all of my friends who just need a bit more in the bedroom to help them reach the "big O" - its small and discreet, super quiet (yet extremely powerful!!) and I def recommend this little gem to anyone! For the price it's a very reliable little vibrator so why not give it a go!
AnonSubmission by Anon (Posted on 7/11/2012)
Proved to be a great buy. GF certainly got her use out of it, led to many hours of fun for the both of us. Small, versatile but powerful. She could use it on her own or we could use it together. Helped her reach climax a lot quicker and easier. Ideal for beginners. Only problem we had with it was the seal wearing after a while, plus battery life and strength deteriorates over time, but that is to be expected given how much use we got out of it. Certainly met the expectation of product, plus was very impressed by Flemplay's fast and discreet service. Definitely recommended.
CaitlinSubmission by Caitlin (Posted on 4/10/2012)
During sex I was never able to achieve an orgasm so my boyfriend came up with the idea of buying a bullet. We ordered "Ammunition of Love" from Femplay yesterday and it arrived today. Needless to say it is AMAZING, 2 minutes in I started having small orgasms as I was just trying it out. After about an hour of MANY orgasms. I NEVER thought my body was capable of doing that, my boyfriend was surprised it happened, It was SO unexpected. After approx 3 hours I came 6 times. I feel so free and happy now and all because of one VERY powerful bullet.
satisfiedSubmission by satisfied (Posted on 4/10/2012)
The Ammunition of Love bullet was a great purchase and had that little bit more power I was looking for. It arrived discreetly within just a few days of purchase and I got straight to it! It is great to use on my own or with my boyfriend, and in more ways than just clitoral stimulation! The extra power was amazing and the bullet now makes time in the bedroom that much more exciting! The free gift is also fantastic, a one use vibrating cock ring - which I am just waiting for the perfect time to use. The Ammunition of Love is a great toy that I would recommend to any woman, especially someone seeking a little more power for more exciting love making! Will definitely continue shopping at Femplay with its great products, fantastic service and easy to use website. Thanks Femplay!
HappySubmission by Happy (Posted on 18/03/2010)
What a fantastic little package this is! It is so small, and so effective. As I am currently a single lady, I want something that delivers, and doesn’t leave me unsatisfied. What worked for me was settling down on my bed with some erotic literature to get thoroughly into the mood. After 30 minutes or so of reading, I was ready for my new best friend to join the fun. It is small, powerful, and delivered O so beautifully in the right areas. Orgasm guaranteed. After using it the first day, I immediately went out to an electrical store and bought some extra batteries in case it ran out! Highly recommended by this very satisfied customer.
witchySubmission by witchy (Posted on 18/03/2010)
The Ammunition Of Love is so compact yet so powerful, It's everything it says it is and more. My wife and I have used this bullet for a few months now and the only regret is that we didn't have one ten years ago. Never have I seen my wife experience the level of pleasure that this toy can bring, over and over again! And being waterproof, it's versatile, great fun in the shower and easy to clean. The batteries last ages and are relatively easy to purchase locally or online. Definitely one awesome adult toy!!!
jkateSubmission by jkate (Posted on 18/03/2010)
I recently purchased the "AMMUNITION OF LOVE" and let me tell you i am very satisfied!! this Lil bullet works amazing with your clitoris and when you combine the fun with your partner it just keeps getting better!!

I was a lil shocked with its size at first, but the power makes up for all of that!!

i have never seen a mini vibe wrok so well!

I cant climax without clitoral stimulation, but i also crave the penetration from my partner so both at once and your in heaven!!

HIGHLY RECOMMENED!!!! in and out of the bedroom :P
HappyHubbySubmission by HappyHubby (Posted on 10/03/2010)
As I tentatively handed this present to my wife for Valentine’s Day, I had a sheepish look on my face. We had never tried something like a vibrator during our love making and I wasn’t sure what reaction she would have. As she slowly unwrapped the box, her face lit up with a very cheeky smile. She looked up and giggled at me and then gently took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Whilst a little clumsy at first, we found the bullet fired up our love making. During hot summer nights, we have left the window of our bedroom open to cool our sweat-drenched bodies. This toy may make that practice a thing of the past, as I’m sure our neighbours heard far more of our Valentines Day than they expected. The ability of either of us to hold this toy makes it perfect for foreplay or use during intercourse. I won’t be waiting 12 months to try something else new from the Femplay website with my wife.

Highly recommended.
witchySubmission by witchy (Posted on 23/09/2009)
The Ammunition Of Love is so compact yet so powerful, It's everything it says it is and more. My wife and I have used this bullet for a few months now and the only regret is that we didn't have one ten years ago. Never have I seen my wife experience the level of pleasure that this toy can bring, over and over again! And being waterproof, it's versatile, great fun in the shower and easy to clean. The batteries last ages and are relatively easy to purchase locally or online. Definitely one awesome adult toy!!!
AliceSubmission by Alice (Posted on 28/05/2009)
I'm a vibrator virgin who just bought and used for the the first time the ammunition of love. Oh My God! Small and powerful this little beauty got me there in a matter of minutes like nothing I have ever, ever had before.

It's incredible with jut the right amount of punch. Its size also means that it is not at all intimidating, it is just so much fun.

I'm already freaking out about the batteries running out!
Bullet LoverSubmission by Bullet Lover (Posted on 11/12/2008)
This toy is can be in the dullest mood, but then, just a few seconds with this baby, OH MY GOD!!!!!!

You don't need a big vibe. All you need is this little machine and you're all set. The Batteries are not common but i found them at any electronic store 2 for $4.50 so not bad.

Also a great toy to be sneaky with and hide in a flash if you need to. Also the sound level is good but still with power.

I would recommend this little beauty to anyone looking for something small or discreet and action packed.
CeeKaySubmission by CeeKay (Posted on 11/12/2008)
I have ruined many a motor because none provided enough power and intensity until I ordered the Ammunition of Love.

I reckon it is a "precision ammo" as it not only hits its target but I am starting to call it a "Maggi 3 minute noodle" equivalent in fulfilling pleasure!

I am not joking; it takes exactly 3 minutes for me to reach orgasm and that too is usually a ten (on a scale of 10).

Unfortunately the battery might be slightly weakening but that still gives me a 8-9 score! I have not had the time to look at the battery, replacement and manoeuverability yet so can't comment on that but for discreet, silent, intense and rapid action one can't go past the Ammunition of Love.

The only part I didn't like was the starting which could be slightly fiddly, especially on account of its size or lack thereof, but the rest is unbelievable!

As far as that Ammo is concerned - size indeed doesn't matter. Hope no one runs out of ammo!
LilySubmission by Lily (Posted on 11/11/2008)
My boyfriend bought me the 'Ammunition of Love' for our 2 month anniversary.

I was a bit apprehensive at first because I’ve never used a vibrator before…

I've been masturbating for years, but never able to give myself an orgasm, and despite his best attempts (and they were GOOD) he couldn't make me cum on his own.

So I let him use it on me, and OH MY GOSH! With this AMAZING little silver bullet on my clit, he gave me my first orgasm and it was SOOO INTENSE and AMAZING and relieving of 20 years of built up STRESS from not orgasming!!!

The ‘Ammunition of Love’ is only a small bullet, at 8cm long, and about as wide as a finger, but the vibration is PHENOMENAL!

When washing it afterwards, I turned it on when it had a drop of water left on the tip, and you could see that water spread out on the underside of it and all the little water droplets vibrating on and off the surface of it and so fast that they were still staying attached!

The ‘Ammunition of Love’ is a MUST BUY for ANYONE!!

Whether you orgasm relatively easily, and would like STRONGER orgasms, or you are like me and have difficulty orgasming and want make it happen FASTER- this is the perfect product for you.
JackSubmission by Jack (Posted on 7/11/2008)
After asking for a toy for Christmas, my girlfriend was too scared to start off with something too big or intimidating, so she started with the Ammunition of Love and it has been fantastic!

After receiving the package the very next day we couldn’t wait until Christmas to try it out. She enjoys it and I enjoy it also. It is such a powerful little toy it can be hard to handle, but gives a very quick release of any tension. We were very quickly back on Femplay picking out a birthday present for her and I!

A perfect compact little companion and a very good first timer. The batteries don’t last exceptionally long, but defiantly long enough to get the job done. At this price it was a perfect choice as a trial, and have not been disappointed.

I love the bullet and can’t wait to try out some other toys!
HildaSubmission by Hilda (Posted on 28/10/2008)
Thank you for your service provided! Really happy with it! I have never ever used before any sex toys....I was embarrased to go to the real shop and buy one... So I decided to use online service... And my first experience was great...I'm ready to order one more...

I got the "Ammunition of Love" two days ago...

First impression was..."OMG... it's SO SMALL"... I expected it to be twice bigger (haven't checked the size before)...

Now I bring it with me everywhere! Unbelievable, such a great device! Great for travelling!
HappySubmission by Happy (Posted on 28/10/2008)
I recently received Ammunition of Love and "OH YES".

I do a lot of traveling with work and am excited to have a new, quiet and discreet toy to take away with me.

My next travel destination is to a third world country and I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get the required batteries where I was going so I went and got some spare batteries.

I was that excited to take it away with me I wanted to make sure I could change the battery. Unfortunately I couldn't get the battery out and now my fantastic new toy won't work.

I'm just going to HAVE to by another one and hope the battery isn't in so tight.
HornywifeSubmission by Hornywife (Posted on 22/10/2008)
Warning! This is addictive, "Ammunition of Love" , is my new best friend.

It is so small, but soo powerful. It takes your sex life to the next level, all women should have one . It doesnt replace the hubby or boyfriend ,it just makes them seem like a better lover.
JessSubmission by Jess (Posted on 25/09/2008)
Well, after reading all the great reviews for the Ammunition of Love, I just had to buy it to see for myself.

The bit of plastic protecting the battery was a bit difficult to remove, but once I got that out of the way I've got to say it certainly lived up to my expectations.

It's small and compact and the vibrations are intense! I just love it.

This is certainly one of my favourite bullets and will definitely be used often.
KellySubmission by Kelly (Posted on 20/08/2008)
I strongly recommend this product!

I've been looking for something for the past few weeks to use on myself, and with my partner, just to get me to orgasam a bit quicker (I take forEVER - most of the time I give up and don't let the poor guy keep trying) but because I'm allergic to latex, and therefore don't want to try any soft plastics, my options are VERY limited. I also wanted waterproof, small enough to take with me on a night out if we were going to his place afterwards, and something that was a lil bit kinky, to fit into our BDSM scenes. So I brought the Bullet.

It comes in a small cylindrical case with a purple base, and while there's no mistaking what it is, it looks very discreet and innocent and I'd be ok with having it in my clutch on a night out.

It has a purple waterproof ring 1.5cm up from the base, and a purple on/off push button. The bullet feels decently weighted, not like a cheap toy from the Show ... Its about as long and thick as my index finger (I have big-ish hands for a woman) so I'm looking forward to seeing if my partner can work it so it hits my g-spot.

I havent tried it out in the shower or bath yet, or working it into anal play (put it in a condom and tie the open end in a knot) but am looking forward to both.

I did use it this morning; I started with circling it around my clit and up and down my labia, slowly inserted a little into my vagina (decided I much preferred my partner there) and put it back on my clit, working it slowly closer and faster. I felt this huge orgasm welling up inside me in under 5mins *surprise* and, well, the rest is history.
GregSubmission by Greg (Posted on 7/08/2008)
One word, "Powerful".

It is nice and small, but boy does it pack a punch!

The first time my partner and it gave this a go I couldn't believe how quickly it brought her to orgasm.

It does not have different speed settings, so if your into different speeds this might not be the best for you, but it you want a pocket rocket this is a definite step in the right direction.
CalSubmission by Cal (Posted on 6/08/2008)
Great by myself or with hubby, we wasted no time trying it out.

Compact and quiet, it is all that it promised and more.

This bullet is LETHAL!!!
DaniSubmission by Dani (Posted on 24/04/2008)
I received my Ammunition of Love in the mail last week, and was really excited to give it a go.

It really is as powerful as is described!

As you can't adjust the intensity at all, it probably isn't best if you need different speeds or climax too early with too much stimulation.

I was impressed with how compact it is (it really is tiny!), but found that it was difficult to maintain grip on it when in use. It is easy to use with a partner combined with penetration because its compact, but I prefer larger mini-vibes for personal use, as they cover more area and don't slip out of your fingers.

If you want something precise and powerful, this one is for you, but if you prefer less intensity and the option to vary intensity go with something different.

Thanks to Femplay for discreet and superfast delivery!
CatSubmission by Cat (Posted on 27/11/2007)
I have just received my AMMUNITION OF LOVE silver bullet and MY GOD; I have a lot of trouble climaxing. I have gone thru or broken or burn out motors of 7 vibrators. So when I opened the parcel and thought to myself I wonder how long this will last.

So I gave it a go and instead of the usual 1 hr – 2 hrs, I was there in 5 mins and there again in another 3 mins. I am so thrilled that I am going to buy more incase they stop making them. For someone who only climaxed maybe a couple of times a year, this is a miracle. I am much more relaxed and happy because I have gotten rid of the pent up frustration. Cat

<Wow! We knew this was a good product, but this makes it sound like a life changer! And actually this review was written by the very first person to buy the product at Femplay - Jenifer>

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Ammunition of Love (RO-80mm)

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