Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal toys with beginners and experienced players alike. You are bound to find the right butt plug for your toy collection here at Femplay: we have slim and slender trainers for your first venture into anal play and large, inflatable and vibrating plugs for the more advanced.

You also have the choice between simple and functional no-frills designs, or trying something fashionable and extra stimulating like glass or stainless steel ...

No matter what appeals to you, Femplay has numerous butt plugs to choose from to tease, please and fill you from every angle.

Whether you enjoy wearing them discreetly for naughty stimulation while you go about your day, you like playing with a partner to enhance foreplay or sex, or you want to hit all the right spots while you masturbate, butt plugs will target your most intimate and responsive areas for powerfully satisfying sensations.

Australia’s best range of butt plugs in a wide variety of shapes and styles

We have a huge selection of butt plugs in every size, shape and colour, and with a multitude of extra features and functionalities for you to experiment with. For first-timers, we advise that you start small and slim, and gradually work your way up to larger sizes if you want something a bit more filling.

Materials: Butt plugs are available in a wide range of different materials to provide varying sensations. Our collection includes high-grade silicone, rubber and plastic plugs that are smooth, flexible and easy to clean, as well as stainless steel and glass plugs that can deliver some uniquely intense sensations.

Shapes: Butt plugs are generally shaped like a cone with a thin tip, a wider middle and a flared base at the end to keep it in place once it’s inserted. These are the most common, but you can also get a range of different shapes to suit different purposes such as longer, curved models designed to stimulate the prostate and fuller, rounded plugs to fill you right up.

Sizes: Our products range in width from 2cm all the way up to 7cm, with varying lengths. This makes it easy to start out with something small and then gradually work your way up to larger, fuller sizes.

Textures: Choose from smooth, ribbed, or a range of fun textures like spirals, twirls and nodes. Extra textures can really enhance the pleasure and create electrifying sensations all through your body.

Vibrating: We also have a selection of exciting vibrating models to double the fun! Work your way through the intensely arousing vibration modes and enjoy the mind-blowing stimulation, as the thrilling vibrations pulsate through your body. Try handing over the controls to your partner to give them complete power over your pleasure!

Inflatable: Inflatable butt plugs can be expanded and reduced to the size of your choice, giving you the freedom to play and experiment. These models are a great option for first-timers because you can start small and continue to work your way up as you get more experienced to a satisfying fill.

Waterproof: Our waterproof range of plugs comes with suction cups attached to the base, for wet and wild hands-free fun! Take it with you into the bath or shower, and soaping up will never be the same again.

Training Kits: Anal training kits are designed to help you gradually build your anal flexibility and strength, so that you can enjoy complete pleasure and satisfaction from anal toys of all sizes. Our kits come with a number of butt plugs in graduating sizes to allow you to work your way up in your own time, from small and flexible mini plugs to fuller, larger designs with the length and girth of your wildest fantasies.

Butt Plugs 101: Using Them the Right Way

Butt plugs can be intensely fulfilling and enjoyable, and are known to greatly enhance orgasms by stimulating your most intimate areas while you play. By arousing your most sensitive internal and external nerve endings, they can deliver mind-blowing sensations when used together with other toys, or while you have sex or masturbate.

To use your butt plug, start by applying a liberal amount of lubricant to both the plug and yourself. Position yourself comfortably – the best way to start is either bent over on all fours, lying on your back with a cushion under your bottom and your legs spread, or squatting on your feet or knees.

Hold the base and shaft of the plug, and gently ease the tip in. Insert it slowly and as you feel comfortable until you have taken as much as you want, with the flared base resting outside of you. You can use butt plugs with other forms of stimulation and intercourse, and you can even try grinding against it or moving it slowly in and out of you for a unique thrill.

You can safely keep your butt plug inserted for up to several hours at a time. However, we recommend that you take it out at least once every hour to apply more lubricant.

Important Tips

- Go slowly, especially if it’s your first time. You may want to work your way up to it with foreplay or other forms of stimulation because the more relaxed and aroused you are, the easier it will be to insert.

- It may be difficult to penetrate the first time. Angling the plug towards your stomach should help it go in more smoothly.

- Check the condition of your butt plug each time before you use it, making sure there are no seams, rough ridges or damaged areas. These can cause irritation and discomfort.

- If you’re playing with a partner, make sure you can trust and communicate openly with them. Butt plugs and anal toys need to be approached carefully and with someone you are comfortable with.


No matter what sort of anal toy you’re using, lubrication is a necessary part of safe play. The anus doesn’t naturally self-lubricate, so you need to use a high quality lubricant to prevent discomfort and more serious damage to your rectum. Lube will also significantly enhance the pleasure! We recommend reapplying at least once every hour.


Use condoms on your plug if you’re going to be sharing it between people, or if you just want an easy clean-up! Condoms will prevent the potential sharing of body fluids and bacteria, and keep your butt plugs cleaner and more hygienic.

Cleaning and Toy Care

Thoroughly clean your plug before and after every use with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. It’s a good idea to clean your toys even if you use condoms, to ensure your play is hygienic and safe. Avoid using scrubbing brushes or tools that might scratch the material, and allow your plug to fully air-dry before storing it away.

Contact our team today and learn more about our products

For further information about the Femplay range of products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to provide all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. Pick up the phone and call us today on 1800 071 267 to speak with one of our helpful and friendly staff or use our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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