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Enhance your sex life with the massive selection of men’s sex toys from Femplay, Australia’s number one online Adult Shop.  Femplay has an extensive range to choose from ranging from masturbation toys to enhancing sexual aids that will add vigour in your step and make you larger, longer and thicker, and prolong your erection to reach that satisfying end result.  With everything you need to have for a great fulfilling sexual encounter, you will find something here at Australia’s number one Adult Shop that will rock your socks off ...

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Shop with Femplay and your order will be wrapped discreetly in a plain waterproof bag with no indication that it came from “Femplay”.  You will also get:

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Heighten your sexual experience and enrich your partner’s gratification with our massive range of sex toys for men.

A huge range of male sex toys to choose from in our online store

Whether you are looking for explosive solo fun or enhanced sexual fun with your partner, you will find what you need here at Femplay’s largest range of sex toys for males.

From enhancing your penis size to stimulating adult toys to satisfy your partner at the same time or to liven up your solo masturbation sessions, whether you are a beginner trying something for the first time or an experienced toy user, there is something to suit every need, wish and desire in our selection here at Femplay.

Cock Rings: Cock rings have become a regular accessory for every sexual encounter but can also be used in solo sessions.  Create a longer lasting erection for a tense orgasm with a large variety to compliment every situation, having only one penis ring is simply not enough.  They come in a large range of materials, sizes and shapes. There are classic style cock ring or double cock rings or cock and ball straps.  Some also have lots of vibrating functions to be stimulated and aroused.  Whether you want a classic silicone tie or a heavy duty metal cage or a double cock ring or double penetrator, they can come with a vibrating function to add pleasure to your partner also.

Penis Moulding Kits:  If you are working out of town or simply want to have some fun with your partner, the gift of having an exact replica of your penis is the next best thing to you not being there to thrust your own penis into your partner.  Surprise your partner with a moulding kit and mould your own penis into a classic dildo, a vibrating dildo or a soap on a rope dildo for some fun.  Making the dildo will be as much fun as using it.

Penis Extenders:  Enhance your size with a variety of cock extensions that will make you instantly longer and thicker or add an additional penis for double penetration.  Some penis extensions have added texture and tantalising ticklers and also some vibrate.  Whether you are looking to add to your size or double the penetration, pleasure your partner by using a penis extension for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Masturbation Sleeves:  Are you wanting to increase the excitement of masturbation, need more inspiration to masturbate or you use masturbation as a training exercise? Replace the use of your hands and make your masturbation session one to remember.  From classic sleeves with textured inner chambers for a great sensation to textures that will train you to last longer in the sack, you will be surprised what a difference a sleeve will make to your masturbation play.  If you are looking for a more realistic masturbation session, browse our range of life size vaginas or anus that are moulded directly from porn stars and feel like the real thing.

Prostate Massagers:  Whether you are after a simple prostate massager or want to invigorate your anal play, there is a large variety of P-Spot massagers to add to your anal experience.  No matter if you are a first timer looking to venture into the world of stimulating your erogenous P-Spot or an advanced user who wants more from their toy, there is something for everyone to explore the hidden depths of the lustrous prostate.

Sex Dolls:  Our range of sex dolls at Femplay come in all sorts of sizes and functions.  There are some that are novelties and for a laugh at a party with mates, and there are some that are life like in size, weight and feel.  Not all blow up dolls are for a laugh though, there are some that inflate and have love holes that are made for penetrating.  If your taste is just for the pelvis area, then browse the range of pussy and ass models that are moulded directly from porn stars and some even vibrate.

Penis Pumps:  Penis pumps enhance your erection and assist men with erectile dysfunctions.  Use a penis pump together with a cock ring to maximise the longevity of the erection and have more pleasurable and satisfying intercourse.  There are many brands to choose, from a beginner’s simple style to stronger and harder vacuum pressure for the more advanced users.

Caring for men’s sex toys: what you need to know

Taking care of your sex toys is vital to keeping your equipment hygienic and safe to use time and time again.  Correct care will increase the life of your toys so you can enjoy using them for much longer.  Femplay stocks a large variety of sex toy cleaners and lubes to keep your products well maintained and be a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Proper cleaning of your toys after every use will ensure a healthy and happy penis.  Follow the instructions on the box of your product and be sure to use the correct cleaner and dry completely before storing in a clean, dry place.

Find out more by getting in touch

If you’re unsure as to how to maintain your products, just contact us via email or call us on 1800 071 267 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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