Bondage Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a great introduction to bondage and a vital part of every toy collection. At Femplay, we have a wide variety to choose from, including smooth and sexy satin and lace cuffs, fluffy handcuffs that are super comfortable and just as erotic, and heavy duty metal and leather handcuffs that will show your lover that you mean business.

Handcuffs are easy to use and a fun alternative to other types of bondage toys like ropes and restraints, which require you to tie knots in very specific ways ...

Our range of cuffs will get you and your partner in the mood and encourage you to find out what really turns you on. Whether it’s binding limbs where you want them or restraining your lover to the bed, handcuffs are incredibly versatile and let you play out all your fantasies and desires.

Experience erotic bondage play and browse over our large range of handcuffs to find the set that you will enjoy coming back to again and again.

Buy bedroom handcuffs online and choose from our extensive range

We stock bondage handcuffs in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials for you to experiment with different types of tie-up fun. Not sure where to start? Here’s what you need to know:

Leather handcuffs are a popular choice, known for their durability and versatility. They are comfortable to wear and provide a super sexy, dominatrix feel.

Fluffy handcuffs are fun and flirtatious. Usually lined with fur, fleece or velvet, they are soft on the skin and sensual to the touch.

Metal handcuffs are a classic design, perfect for dress ups or role play in the bedroom. They are sleek and polished and provide complete restraint for your wrists or to a bed post.

Silk and satin handcuffs are a soft and comfortable option if you prefer the sensual touch of smoother, more delicate materials.

Suction handcuffs are used by securing to your shower, bath, windows or glass walls to take your playtime well beyond the bedroom.

Ankle cuffs are designed to restrain your ankles for another level of bondage play. They are available in a range of comfortable materials for total submission.

Spreader bars are used to keep your thighs apart and extend the versatility of your cuffs by restraining your partner in any number of positions.

Browse our extensive range of tempting handcuffs today and begin exploring the exciting possibilities of sex and bondage play.

Tips and techniques to get the most from your bondage sex handcuffs

Handcuffs and bondage toys can be used in limitless ways to enhance your experiences both in and out of the bedroom. Some of the most popular positions and techniques to try with your handcuffs include:

Physical restraint: This is the simplest and most basic way to introduce handcuffs into your playtime, and is a great place to start if you’ve never used them before. Cuff your partner or have them cuff you to a bed post or table, or restrain your wrists together behind your back. It will add an exciting element of restriction, allowing the dominating partner to have complete control over the restrained partner.

Spread eagle bondage: In this position, the restrained partner has their arms and legs outstretched in an X shape. You can either lie down on a bed or stand up, and use your handcuffs to restrain each limb to a bed post or to anchoring points on a wall. Alternatively, try using a spreader bar to keep the thighs apart rather than having to use four separate sets of cuffs. This technique puts the restrained partner in a position of total vulnerability and can be incredibly erotic for both of you.

Hog cuff: This technique is based on the hogtie position – which traditionally uses rope – and is modified to use wrist and ankle cuffs. The restrained partner lies on their front, and their wrists and ankles are cuffed together so that their hands and feet are all pulled up behind them. It prevents any movement and puts them in the perfect position for spanking or paddling.

Important Safety Tips

As with any sort of bondage play, it’s important to use handcuffs correctly and safely with a partner you trust. Improper use can be dangerous, so make sure you always take your time and follow these vital safety tips from Femplay:

Don’t make the handcuffs too tight, as it can cut off circulation and cause a lot of pain during movement. You should be able to fit your little finger between the cuff and the skin at all times.

Don’t position the restrained partner so that they are lying on the cuffs or putting a lot of pressure on them – this can cause injury or nerve damage. Ideally, the arm should be lying on a flat surface with the handcuff attached.

Handcuffs can sometimes tighten during play if they are moved around a lot. Check in with the restrained partner frequently to make sure they are comfortable and that the cuffs aren’t too tight.

Never use standard handcuffs for suspension or to support a person’s weight.

Always keep a spare key on hand.

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