Since the 80’s porn has become very formulaic and generic. It seems we’ve gotten used to the way women are portrayed in adult movies and fake breasts, excessive makeup and pube-less vaginas are now the norm. For whatever reason it appears that the producers of these films are trying very hard to make all these women cardboard cut-outs and clones of each other, removing the individualism and sensual charm that each female possesses ...


Enter abbywinters.com. Abbywinters films celebrate the natural beauty and sexuality of their stars, there is no make-up and no silicone, simply organic beauty. Remove the clinical and intrusive film set regulars, camera guys, sound guys, the obnoxious director planning their every move, and you have a wonderfully natural experience. Without these external distractions the actresses are free to get to know each other and explore each other however they feel in a totally unscripted erotic encounter.


Originally founded in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia, Abbywinters films feature adorable Australian girls that have taken the world by storm with Abbywinters being now one of the most popular adult film studios in USA. Abby is a pioneer of female sexuality and isn't your plastic, rehearsed porn with fake boobs and enormous cocks. Abby Winters is all about wholesome, healthy amateur women enjoying sex by themselves and with their partners in realistic and safe environments. The reality and honesty of Abby Winters productions and products is the hallmark of their success.

Abby Winters Adult Movies


Our most popular abbywinters adult movies

Abbywinters Girls Alluring Girls DVD

Girls Alluring Girls - Annabelle Lee, the fair-skinned redhead, makes a steamy return to girl-on-girl hardcore sex with the more inexperienced, big breasted Aletta from the Netherlands. Followed by an extra special encounter with Alleta taking on Klara in a sensual learning experience for them both! Truely unhindered girl love for you to enjoy.

Starring: Annabelle Lee, Aletta, Klara

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Abbywinters Intimate Moments Getting Off DVD

Intimate Moments Getting Off - Twelve beautiful, natural models bring themselves to real orgasms over nine breathtaking scenes. Nothing fake here, this is how girls really get themselves off!

Starring: Sahara, Greta, Anneke, Irene, Crystal and Em

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Abbywinters Girls Wanting Girls Adult DVD

Girls Wanting Girls - The gorgeous, seductive Hayley is on an all-girl tour de force of tempestuous, arousing fun; beginning with the fiery, dominant redhead Patty who knows how to bring on some intense, explosive orgasms, to the feisty little Mei, who knows how to give it as much as take it. While Hayley battles it out with Patty for domination, she takes her time with Mei, exchanging tongues, lips and even juicier lips. They stop for a moment to sneak outside and watch their girlfriends kissing before resuming their own sexually charged, succulent feast on each other’s petite, natural bodies.

Starring: Hayley, Patty and Mei

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Abbywinters Infatuated Girls Adult DVD

Infatuated Girls - Abby Winters delivers real girls having passionate sex. They are happy, healthy and naturally sexy girls with no makeup, no fake breasts, exploring their salacious desires for other girls. No script, just pure unadulterated girls having sex exactly as they want to, with real orgasms and passion

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