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Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is a well known ancient Indian Hindu text that has help millions of couples around the world with human sexual behaviour.

Some people believe that the book of Kama Sutra is the bible of sex positions but it is also about making love and passion come alive in your relationship.

Naturally there is an extensive range of quality products available to help you along your way ...

It’s not all about positions it’s about getting to that part of your love.

Beautifully scented massage candles where you let the aroma fill the room and once the wax has melted you slowly drip it onto your lover and provide them with a hot massage, and if you are not into hot wax massage there is a range of scented oils.

Chocolate and other flavours of body paint that you both can indulge in. The best part is they all taste amazing and licking it of your lover’s body of very sensual.

Lip gloss, pleasure balms, lubricants, games, stimulation gels, bath oils and the list goes on.

The Kama Sutra range has so many wonderful products to stimulate your love life.

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