Body Wand - Original Massager (240v)  

Body Wand - Original Massager (240v)

The Body Wand Original is one of my favourite toys! This massager utilizes an AC 240v power connection so you will never worry about running out of battery life at a crucial moment.  It is simple to use with a single dial to increase or decrease the vibration with a flick of a finger allowing for your other hand to wander at your delight! Get busy with this toy by allowing your partner to stimulate your senses with a blindfold and some restraints for an exhilarating experience.

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Product Description


The BodyWand Original is one of Femplay’s most popular direct clitoral vibrators in the range. Although similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Body Wand Original is more powerful and with a wider range of vibrations and sequence modes, making it your go to power player.

Simple to use and as it is ‘plug and play’ without the need of batteries, this toy has the potential to give extremely pleasurable orgasms with its impressively strong vibrations. Due to its powerful vibrations this toy gives off a low hum at its highest setting. The Body Wand Original remains a firm favourite of those who enjoy direct intense stimulation from their toys.

Easy to adjust during usage, there is only one dial, which you can easily maneuver by gliding your finger either up or down. It also has a variety of vibrating sequencing modes so that you can easily choose your favourite setting before play.

For fans of this popular toy, or someone who would like to add a wide variety of uses to their new toy, you can purchase additional attachments for hands free use, g-spot stimulation or evolve your Body Wand into a Rabbit style vibrator.

**Important: As this toy plugs into 240v electrical connection it is NOT SUITABLE for use with or around water.

* Please note: This product has an Australian/NZ 240v power plug
and is not suitable for use outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material ABS and TPR
Phthalate Free Yes
Colour Blue and White
240v Yes
Batteries 240v Mains Power
Length 32cm
Width 5.5cm
Noise Level Noticeable
Made In China
Manufacturer Body Wand
A must haveSubmission by (Posted on )
Extreamly happy with this product. So powerful and have experience both a strong clitoral orgasm and an internal orgasm with this. The wheel to control the speed is easy to use snd comfortable to hold.
The only con is the noise is a little more than I expected.
Body Wand OriginalSubmission by (Posted on )
I brought my BodyWand Original and because I wanted some hands free use and don’t have a partner, I also purchased the hands free attachment at the same time. I use the toy by itself to get warmed up and then pop it into the attachment so I can ride cowgirl style. Love this toy!!
BodyWand ACSubmission by (Posted on )
I love my BodyWand and have had one for nearly a year now. It has been my go to toy out of the few that I own. Because the toy has a really powerful vibration I have successfully used it for a sports injury that I had – the vibrations have helped with muscle recovery. In the bedroom however, it definitely has been able to make me come hard, and I like that it doesn’t need batteries so I can use it whenever and for however long I have needed to. If you like toys that give direct clit stimulation, then this toy will be your new best friend.
BodyWand OriginalSubmission by (Posted on )
My boyfriend brought the Bodywand Original for me as a Christmas present last year and I can say that I am a very satisfied customer! My boyfriend saw a similar toy in one of his favourite porn movies and brought one for us to share, and let me say, its one of the best toys I have ever used! He likes to handcuff me to the bed and use the Bodywand on me – I have had to use our safe word a few times cause it is sooo powerful! If this one ever breaks from overuse- we will definitely be buying another!
Body Wand Original - intenseSubmission by (Posted on )
I got the Body Wand Original on recommendation from a friend of mine who has gone through two of these. I usually enjoy standard vibrators so was a little skeptical as to whether I would really enjoy this toy as much as I would. I am definitely not disappointed with the Body Wand. It is a very powerful toy and I like that I can plug it in so I don't have to worry about batteries. Because of the power behind this toy I haven't yet been able to turn it all the way up - as I come too quickly. I also like that I can easily turn the vibrations up or down very easily. Thank you Femplay - you have been certainly able to help me get off with your toys!
JohnSubmission by (Posted on )
Bought for my partner a while ago as she always has a tough time finishing. Ever since the bedroom has been great and it works almost every time. The 240v is great not having to recharge batteries all the time. Easy to clean and use. Much better quality than the cheaper 240v body wand imitations. Only down side is that it can be a little bit noisy at times when the dial is pushed right up. Haven't used any of the attachments you can get for the head, but might in the future. Great shipping and couldn't tell the package was for adults
CraigSubmission by (Posted on )
Wow. My girlfriend has had many vibrators but nothing that vibrates as intensely as this. She loved it (and there's no batteries to go flat). We started off with a wonderful clitoral orgasm to get her nice and wet (she couldn't take it quite up to full speed though). We then put on the G-spot attachment and that took to her a body shaking squirting orgasm. I think she's become addicted. It feels great on me as well though it seems to feel much better through material rather than direct contact. I'm hoping to buy a penis stroker attachment soon to use on my shaft. This was my first ever sex toy purchase and it was easily well worth the money.
JodieSubmission by (Posted on )
Absolutly love my wand!!! It is so easy to use and clean, it helps me push myself past what im used to with a normal non adjustable vibrator. It also makes masturbating that much more exciting with the adjustable vibrations. I have even recommended it to a few of my closest friends and they have since gone and bought their own and love theirs as well. My partner loves to tie me up and use the wand on me. He has very bad carpul tunnel and can't get me off using his hands anymore as it causes him to much pain but using the wand is so easy for him to hold and he enjoys the fact that he can adjust the vibrations with just a roll of his thumb!!! Would highly recommend buying this product as it is well worth the money!! I love how descreetly packaged my presents come, I giggle as I bring it inside knowing my posty has no idea what he was just holding :)
DaniSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought this as a replacement for my beloved Medisil wand, which I had to throw away because if has a component that commonly fails in it (a fan blade if I recall) and which is inaccessible to repair yourself.

The major advantage of the Body Wand is its variable speed control. Once you try it you'll understand just how brilliant this feature is, from gentle and slow to as fast as you could possibly want whilst in use. The wand also doesn't really heat up unless you happen to have it working for an extended time pressed between you and something firm like furniture (for example), which burdens the motor. Also, no recharging! Brilliant!

The less desirable features are the hard head which is not cushioned like the Medisil, you can't remove the head to clean it so you have to be careful, and the shaft the head is attached to is practically inflexible, unlike the Medisil, so you learn to use it carefully as it has no give. Other than that, it's brilliant and I've had nearly a year of fun with mine so far :)
LivvSubmission by (Posted on )
This has got to be on every ladies wish list. It is one of my favourite toys EVER I can't stop using it

I do wish it had a longer cord but that's easily fixed and it can be a bit on the noisey side for when your not home alone but some good music covers that right up

I would say first time toy users should try this out as I was lost as to what I should buy to help me reach my orgasm but this was most affective. I will say I have become quite addicted but im very ok with that
GraceSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought the Body Wand after reading many, many reviews on this type of product. I decided on this one because of the consistent good reviews, and before you ask - yes, it lives up to it's reputation. Talk about powerful vibration! I thought I knew powerful vibes, I was wrong. I use this at a third of it's power, max. The full power is just crazy, not recommended for 'down there' use or you'll damage something! Having said that, this works wonders as a massager on the back, neck, and shoulders, and I feel like I got very good value for the price.
Regarding the scroll wheel control: It's great to have that much control over the power of the wand, however when using it upright (as you do on another person and as a massager) it's upside down. I understand how it makes sense for someone using it below the belt, it's just a touch confusing when used as a massager. It's also a little small, so if your fingers are slippery for any reason it does get a little difficult.
Now onto the cons, and there are very few: The bendy neck makes a horrible noise when in use if you put the slightest amount of pressure on it. It was also a little undone when I received it, that is, a small portion of the flexible plastic on the neck was sticking out of the head. Easily poked back in, and hasn't posed a problem since. And lastly, the grooves on the head of the wand pick up everything, and are a pain to clean.
That's it! Not much when compared to the pro's of this vibe, and overall I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something with a lot of kick.. Good value, good product. And of course, as always, Femplay delivers fast and discreetly. I have made several orders from these guys now, and have yet to have a single complaint. I owe you guys so many orgasms!
Little MissSubmission by (Posted on )
I'm very happy with my purchase, this being my first toy over $50.

The lowest setting of this is just perfect, I think if I go any higher I'll get a complex to other vibrators.

I think it's a little bit big to use during sex but it's wonderful for solo play. ;)

The dial is easy to use and is very smooth when changing speeds.

The only cons I can think of for this is that it would be better if the cord was a bit longer and that it's not quiet enough to use if you have house mates or family in the next room. (But that can be fixed with some music.)

I would recommend this to girls who need powerful clitoral stimulation as it is a very strong vibrator.

Overall it's a very good product and is worth every penny.

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Body Wand - Original Massager (240v)

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