Fleshlight - Pink Lady  


Fleshlight - Pink Lady

If you’re after an entry-level masturbation sleeve and value quality, then the Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is for you. This Fleshlight has been on the market for nearly 20 years without modification – The Original is still one of the best. This is ideal for any guy who needs a simple and effective toy that is built to last. The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original is also ideal for those who need to quickly clean and store their toys out of the way of prying eyes. My other half still reminisces of his old Original back in his university days! Ladies, this toy would make an excellent gift option for your other half. If you have some toys, why shouldn’t he? Spice up the bedroom fun and use it on him as a surprise!

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The original and the best! This Fleshlight was the first of its kind created by IFL Technologies in 1998. While the Original sleeve may seem ‘ho-hum’ this sleeve is simplicity at its best. Using this sleeve allows for an accumulated vacuum like suction as you stroke up and down allowing for a smooth yet satisfying flight.

Fleshlights are 100% phthalate free and the patented SuperSkin technology ensures that your toy is the closest feeling to skin that you can buy. The canal width of the Pink Lady Original is 20mm making it ideal for guys who are bigger and/or have a wider girth than average, or, would prefer not to have an extremely tight fitting masturbation sleeve. Combined with its patented adjustable suctioning and some lubricant and you have the ingredients for an amazing orgasm within minutes. This product line is the top of the range when it comes to male pleasure devices in the masturbation sleeve market and is a must have for any enthusiast.

This toy comes in a black plastic durable case for ease of discrete storage and portability. Being a Pink Lady Original, this sleeve has a vaginal opening. This insert has a smooth internal, non-textured finish and therefore, it needs very little lube for use. This Fleshlight is fast and easy to clean after your fun has ended, which is important if you need to keep your toys discretely. This is a great masturbation sleeve for the beginner who is looking to buy their first quality toy. It is also popular with enthusiasts who want to add another Fleshlight to their collection. This Fleshlight will not disappoint.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Real Feel Super Skin®
Phthalate Free Yes
Made In USA
Manufacturer Fleshlight
originalSubmission by (Posted on )
I got this Fleshlight as a surprise gag gift for my Brothers 21st birthday. When he opened at his party celebrations he saw what it was and quickly shut the lid down – he was completely embarrassed – so my objective was achieved. He now tells me two years later that I’m his favourite sister (out of three of us). I’m sure its cause of the Fleshlight but I’d never ask him outright!
Fleshlight pink lady originalSubmission by (Posted on )
I got this Fleshlight, as I wasn’t sure what I wanted in the Fleshlight range but had tried other masturbators and was fairly pleased with what I had paid for. But OMG, Fleshlights are another whole level to these sorts of toys. I got my Original within 3 days of purchase (I was thinking it could take a week) and after two uses I was hooked and immediately brought a Fleshlight Pink Butt and a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. I didn’t leave the house for a week after that. Get one? Nope - get them all!!!
LiamSubmission by (Posted on )
For $60 you can not go wrong, at all. It is both cheap and high quality which you really don't find all to very often. Femplay offers it at an amazing price. I've owned previous masturbation sleeves, but this is hands down, without a doubt the best out there, it is literally bang for your buck!! Theres not really much to say about this product because it beats the rest, and with the real feel texture of the sleeve, it just beats all else. I WOULD RECCOMEND THIS HIGHLY. OVER ANY OTHER PRODUCT. Thanks, bloody lovin it! Cheers.
RichardSubmission by (Posted on )
Was looking for a different self pleasuring experience and came across this product. The Fleshlight is amazing when you warm it up on hot water before using it, it feels amazing. Feels great thrusting in and out of it. The adjustable pressure gives you so many different experiences. It is easy to clean and maintain and it is relatively discrete looking. There's a great reason why it is so popular and you'll be raving about it after your experience. If you don't have it, you are missing out! Does not talk back and does not ask you where you been!
GarrySubmission by (Posted on )
The Fleshlight - Pink Lady is a top quality product with good design with very good material. It is soft and very close to the feeling of skins. It has no uncomfortable smells from it.
This Pink Lady is a very good product for beginner. The simple internal design would avoid hurting you or giving you an overly extreme excitement. It brings a unforgettable and amazing experience to user.
I have been using this product for 3 months, long enough to test its durability.
The material is soft so it needs extra care to maintain it.
Put it under running water to clean it after using it and let it completely dry before putting it back into the tube. Also, only apply water-based lubricant, oil-based lubricant would damage the material.
Overall, it is a great product and recommend all of you to get it when thinking of getting a masturbation sleeves.
BrendanSubmission by (Posted on )
After seeing this product advertised on competitors websites and stores for more than $100 more than found here at Femplay, I was reluctant to spend that amount. I was surprised to see such a great product for a very reasonable price. The whole procedure from ordering to delivery, was discrete and most importantly FAST! The product takes a little getting used to and was alot larger than I expected, however for this price, I think it was a great purchase that I look forward to using more often.

Thankyou Femplay for you great service, I will be using your site again soon.
LauraSubmission by (Posted on )
I bought my wonderful boyfriend a flashlight for our anniversary to use when I was away, as I have lots of great toys and he was missing out!!

That was what I initially bought it for - but not only does he love to use it by himself but it has been a lot of fun for us to use together!

My boyfriend loves the feel of this and the way you can adjust suction to your preference by unscrewing the end. The flesh light is easy to clean - just take off the end and you can remove the inside and wash it.

The flashlight is discreet, encased in a black canister with no pictures or writing.

He says it feels almost like the real thing and is very happy with his present!!!

Thanks Femplay!
glenSubmission by (Posted on )
Just got delivery of the Flesh light pink lady and could not believe on how quick it arrived. I ordered it a Monday and it arrived the next day. Now that's what I call service thank you Femplay I was amazed when I open the package the quality of the product is excellent and I must say the first time I got to use the flesh light it was better than excellent it has a great feel to it, very close to the real thing! I have used it many times in the last five days and will continue to do so. So if any one is thinking of about buying the flesh light no matter which model do it ,it has my seal of approval and I will not hesitate to purchase more products from femplay in the near future (in the coming weeks) once again thank you for your wonderful service
AnonSubmission by (Posted on )
Fleshlight - Pink Lady is the best of many masturbation sleeves I have tried in my life. The first time I didn't know if it would feel like the real thing or not, but after I used it omg!!! It feels better than the real thing. I put it in warm water for around 5 - 10 minutes the result was amazing!!! I am very impressed with it and it made me forget my Gf's pussy for the moment haha.
I highly recommend this product to everybody. You will be happy with this product!!.

Thank you Jenifer for recommending it to me...
DarrelSubmission by (Posted on )
This was the first time I've ever used a flesh light and I'd have to say i was pretty pleased with it. It feels so good and of course it'll never say "No" which is always nice and the wife even enjoyed using it also so here's hoping to many many exciting times in the bedroom and i will be ordering the other types of flesh lights also. Cleaning the flesh light is mega easy and the knob on the rear of the unit adjusts the suction making it even more fun, i thoroughly enjoyed this product and it was well worth the money i would recommend it to anyone.
DanielSubmission by (Posted on )
The fleshlight i purchased is amazing!!It takes masturbating to a whole new level as it feels just like a real vagina ... I put it in warm water before using for several minutes and it felt fantastic! The feel was great and makes watching the footy on the couch much more fun!! My girlfriend doesnt like this one as i prefer to use the fleshlight ... the beauty of the fleshlight is it never says no and doesnt even talk. The next model i think you should train to do the dishes! Very happy with the purchase and would be the first to recommend it.
Pleased personSubmission by (Posted on )
I was excited to use it when it arrived. It is an amazing product. It feels so real. My girlfriend has so many toys, I thought it was about time I got my own, and I am glad I did. There is no bad thing about it. It is simple to use, simple to clean and feels amazing. My girlfriend enjoys watching me use it as much as I enjoy using it. She has wanted to masturbate together for a while now and it was exciting to have us both use toys. I will definitely buy from Femplay again. Very pleased with the purchase.
jeevSubmission by (Posted on )
Recently I bought another sex toy for masturbation

called Flesh Light Pink Lady from femplay. Actually I read

about this sex toy for a long time over the internet. Hence I decided to visit flesh light official US website to look for its features and then decided to buy one. As usual I prefer to buy from femplay since my previous experience of purchase with the website was quite pleasant.

After using the fleshlight, I told to myself that my decision to buy

it was a right decision. This toy is very good and feels real.

It’s flexibility and size are the features which made it perfect to


My girlfriend and I both wanted to masturbate together and when she saw the fleshlight she felt so excited to try the toy on me. We did masturbate together. When she held the fleshlight with her hands and slowly jumped on my penis with the fleshlight, I got so excited. I closed my eyes and felt like I was doing sex with my girlfriend not with the toy. It was completely a different feeling which I never had before.

Thanks to femplay. This is why I always prefer to buy sex

toys from them. It has a huge range of toys and I always visit the site to check out new ones.
K & TSubmission by (Posted on )
Hi, my wife has a draw full of toys she plays with but she thought why not get me one to try, so she searched around for the best one and found the fleshlight pink lady got lots of good reviews so after looking for the best price she settled with femplay, she went ahead and ordered it on wednesday and it arrived friday morning super fast.

Well being a bloke i really never thought too much about sex toys for myself, never had too much trouble with the females in my life so toys were far from my mind, well i can tell all you guys thinking about buying one of these fleshlights, stop thinking about it, just buy one you will be very happy like me on those nights the wife has a headache!!

The suction on this toy is really great, beats any handjob thats for sure, i found it needed quite a bit of lube but thats fine once its lubed up it makes all the rights sounds too, and the wife gets off using it on me too so all good in our bed, so now i'm addicted and looking to buy the other fleshlight models, cant be faithfull to just one fleshlight may as well bonk them all they really are great.
VMSubmission by (Posted on )
I was very excited about buying MY first sex toy. My wife has quite a few herself including rabbit vibrators and stuff we use together but they are more for her benefit then mine.

Anyway, I got a fleshlight and its as realistic as a sex toy is going to get and feels great.. My advise to anyone who gets one is to take the time to get to know the best way to use it. The instructions that come with the fleshlight say that they recommend immersing it in warm water for about 30 seconds prior to use. I do this and think its very good advise.

I also towel it dry and apply quite a bit of lube which adds to the effect. It's very comfortably tight and grips well... So I have two pussies at the same time and my wife is quite happy with my choice too!!!
TbangerSubmission by (Posted on )
It's Monday night and I just tried the Fleshlight...

I'm very impressed. It was worth the wait... I was starting to think this would be a huge disappointment. I must admit, I made a really late purchase last Thursday night/Friday morning at 1am... I wasn't really thinking about the time when I made the purchase after surfing the website for some time, and looking at reviews etc..... I was very reluctant to buy one of these things, especially since I came to your website looking for a clitoral massager for my partner.

When I woke up Friday morning I realized there was little chance Australia Post would get this package to me by 5pm. So I was disappointed that the 'FREE express postage' meant very little to me. And I started having visions of the package sitting somewhere, or accidently opened with my name on it. Who knows what would happen to it over a weekend? So I had a lot of time to have second thoughts on my order...... which I did, but the package finally arrived, mid morning on Monday. Still, I didn't have time to inspect it because I had to go to work.

When I finally got the package open, I followed the instructions and sat down to some internet porn. My partner had already gone to bed, and one of the reasons I got one of these is because she just doesn't want to be involved in sex as much as I want. I was immediately impressed by how 'life like' this thing felt. There was one little draw back though, this thing even sounds like the real thing, and I started freaking out because my Mrs. would hear the sucking and slopping sounds and might think I was boning some other chick out here?.... haha.... so I had to back off on it a bit.

This thing felt GREAT though! but I had to switch the TV on to try and mask some of the sounds of me pounding this thing... haha.... so unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush to get the job done. I must say, after a couple of years of using condoms, it feels good to finally blow in something in the raw! And this thing does feel realistic! I didn't go too far with the lube but noticed that the size of the tube was so easy to handle even with slippery hands! The other thing I've realized is the problem I now have - of hiding this thing? Especially now that I've washed it out and need to air it out to dry.... I don't think my Mrs is gonna be too impressed with it lying around.... I would have liked the metal canister it came in to also be a plain black like the torch shape and not have pictures.
SteveSubmission by (Posted on )
I have been looking at getting a Fleshlight for years now and finally decided to get a Fleshlight Lady for the New Year. So I looked around to find the best price around, and thats where Femplay came in. They offered not only the cheapest deal, but also the best discretion and next day delivery.

I ordered on Tuesday, got it on Wednesday. It was very quick delivery and very discreet. When I first opened the Fleshlight I almost got an instant hard on, it looks quite real. I gave it a feel and finger or two and it just felt so realistic, I had to have her NOW.

So I warmed it up as instructed, and also warmed up my lube (Good idea for more warmth), and waited for 10 minutes for it to warm up. When it was nice and hot, I put it back in the case, lubed my dick up and lubed the Fleshlight and prepared to enter.

The feeling you get when you first enter it when it's warm is so intense, felt like I would cum instantly, but held it on. I put it between my mattress and my beds base for a hands free experience. I thrusted in and out of it and it felt so good. The suction on it is incredible and makes it feel so much more intense.

I came after just 3 minutes in the Fleshlight and knew immediately that this was the best money I have EVER spent.

Thank you Femplay!
Trendsetter 86Submission by (Posted on )
Just recieved my package from you guys at Femplay."VERY IMPRESSED".

I Recieved Pink Lady Fleshlight the day after it was ordered, i couldnt believe it arrived so fast.I was so excited i just tore the Discreet mail postage bag open and touched the rubber outerlayer and i couldnt believe how soft and woman like it actually was.

I couldnt resist but to Pump out some of your Wet Stuff Gold Lube into the Pink Lady put on my Rascall Cockring Trio which where all purchased from you guys and take it for a spin.

When i first penetrated the Fleshlight the feeling was so unreal.I read other reviews before buying and some of them said its better than the real thing.Well im here to tell you they are wrong.The feeling is 100 times better. The feeling that is replicated during sex with The Pink Lady Fleshlight is simply orgasmic.

Cant wait to try out one of your other range of Fleshlights.

Thanks alot guys,time for round two.
JessSubmission by (Posted on )
Great product!!
I recently ordered the Pink Lady Fleshlight for my husband who is going away on business for two months for him to have fun with while he’s away. Of course as soon as it arrived we opened it and used it right away!!
It had an amazing soft feeling once it had been washed out, and he couldn’t wait to try it. He lubed it up inside and out (warming lube was best as it helped with ‘realness’) and lubed his shaft. As I slowly pushed it onto his head and down his shaft I saw the ecstasy come over him, trying to hold in his eager feeling to cum.
After trying to hold in his orgasm he finally came, what looked like the most intense, mind blowing orgasm…I was a little jealous.
He said with someone else doing the work for you it feels just like the real thing. He was very satisfied and something tells me he will have an amazing business trip.
We’re going to purchase a Mould Your Man from Femplay so he can return the favour!
PaulSubmission by (Posted on )
So it finally arrived and I took it out of the box, it felt heavier than expected and it's size was what I saw on the videos...

Well, the shape is a perfect pussy I must admit, and this was important to me. I took it over to the kitchen sink for it's first bath. Pulling it out and feeling the soft gel was amazing, I probed the opening and felt the tightness, 1, 2 and 3 fingers, then that sucking sound started.

I washed it well (no soap as directed) and got all the shipping powder off it, in and out, rinsed several times, because I'm a clean freak and then got a large bowl and submerged it entirely in hot water.

During the wash it turned rather slicky (thanks cooper for the heads up), but I didn't panic. Went upstairs and loaded some of my good porn on my laptop and set it up right on my bed. Took my time setting up and getting things out of the way. Almost forgetting a towel.

Being rather new to lube, I found myself testing it out on my fingers and watching some porn as my dick stood at attention anxiously awaiting my first "Fly". And I waited, focusing on the porn, anytype of BJ or standard issue bend over style is perfect for the occasion but you will have a preference.

Well, time was near I started to conventional stroke and try out the lube. I got the KY liquid, knowing it was water based and would not be sticky like other lubes. It went on rather well and I felt a good sensation with the lube on my dick.

Here we go...

I'm well experienced, both with the real and my hand and have often stroked for 2-4 hours at a time without coming down. This past week has been rather super horny anticipating the new arrival. And I perhaps overly pleasured myself once again.

I lubed the pussy and added more to my shaft, aligned and proceeded to slide it in... OMG that first contact felt so real I soon found myself doing math in my head to avoid cumming too soon. I got it going and finally went in all the way. Having the cap on during the first try is rewarding but perhaps overwhelming, but that's how I did it. Getting it down wasn't easy, I had to pump several times. And then found the delight of being IN THERE, that was too real. I also watched my FL suck my cock as I pulled her away..

Neadless to say I was in trouble, and I decided to go for the ending. Yep not even 5 minutes into it, my first cum. And oh boy did it ever suck it out of me. My load poured out of it and I was impressed with the amount.

So that's my experience so far with the Pink Lady and I suggest that you would be silly to not purchase one of these!
DaveSubmission by (Posted on )
My girlfriend and I decided to try a sex toy, so she ordered a Fleshlight for me via FemPlay. When it arrived via express, we both had a good laugh and a joke about its appearance, but we both thought it felt very lifelike and after I have used it a couple of times, I could not live without it.

After warming up the Fleshlight using the directions, all I had to do was lay back as she slid it down onto me, and I almost came right then and there. I could not have lasted more than ten minutes, as this product was so amazing. The insert feels and looks a lot softer than its appearance online. I wasn't expecting it to feel as good as it does. After four years of being together, I did not think that a sex toy could spark up our sex life so much. This is a great product and is highly recommended.
TomSubmission by (Posted on )
I recently ordered my first Fleshlight Pink Lady and it is amazing! I looked around on the internet and discovered Femplay had the best prices for their products, and the fastest delivery. When it arrived in the express post bag, I unwrapped the packaging, lubed it up and used it right away.

I have to say... It feels unbelievably real! Of course I know what the real deal feels like and the Fleshlight feels exactly the same, if not, even better!

And unlike in the real thing, you are in complete control. It feels naturally warm, and the orgasm is even stronger than the real thing. What makes it even better? It's super easy to clean and store, and you can reuse it whenever much as you want (its always in the mood!).

The outward appearance of the Fleshlight when the lid is shut looks like nothing, and it can be stored anywhere as no one would suspect anything.

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Fleshlight - Pink Lady

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