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Berman Athena - Pocket Rocket  

Berman Athena - Pocket Rocket

If you’re a fan of egg and bullet based toys, but would like something a bit bigger to play with without sacrificing power or dollars, then the Berman – Athena Pocket Rocket is for you. This toy lives in my bathroom drawer and is a welcome change from the usual toys in my collection. The nubs on the headpiece give an all-changing feel when rubbed in the right places and when it hits at just the right moment…! Ah! Bliss.

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$8.95 3-7 Days
$14.95 1-2 Days
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$8.95 3-7 Days
$14.95 1-2 Days
FREE shipping on orders over $175

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Product Description


Who doesn’t like a little pocket rocket? The Berman – Athena Pocket Rocket is THE pocket rocket – and powerful little hand held device that reaffirms that good things DO come in small packages. Measuring a solid 10 cm in length and harbouring a 7.5cm circumference, this little firecracker has four interchangeable heads to give that special something every time. Mix it up or stick with your favourite; nevertheless it will have you humming along with a smile or even a moan.

Made of cute purple plastic and clear silicone tips, the soft nubbed tips are guaranteed to hit your pleasure centre and drive you wild. This toy works well with water based lubricants to protect its head and will give you the ride of a lifetime. Due to its compact sizing, this toy can be used in all different creative positions as recommended by our feedback from our wonderful customers. With Femplay’s super-fast shipping, this toy can be in your hands within a matter of days. Recommended!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Material Plastic
Phthalate Free Yes
Waterproof Fully Waterpoof
Colour Purple
Batteries 1 x AA Battery (Supplied)
Length 10cm
Width 4cm
Noise Level Quiet
Made In China
Manufacturer California Exotic Novelties
So Great!Submission by (Posted on )
Great, cheap toy. Reliable and quiet. Very pleased.
pocket rocketSubmission by (Posted on )
My BF bought the Athena for me to use on my and I am definitely one happy customer with this. My favourite cover is the one with the increased ridges – all these little fingers tickling so deliciously. The first time he used it on me, I ended up having a fit of giggles and I had to stop cause I was laughing so hard. But luckily when my BF applied a tad more pressure it was just divine! This is great for couples play because as my BF said, it isn’t too big (bigger than him), it doesn’t look like another guy and its got a strong vibration so I got to use it on him which he liked too. That’s opened up another whole level to our love making. Great work Femplay.
CourtneySubmission by (Posted on )
It is a great little rocket and really simple to use! Postage was very quick and discreet. I would suggest femplay to others without a doubt. Definitely enjoy my purchase and I hope others can enjoy theirs too. It is a very simple toy and it is an addition i would suggest to every drawer. Whether it is for individual or couple play you are interested in this pocket rocket will surely be a crowd pleaser! Do not go past it, it is a definitely pleasure maker ! Go and buy yours now and you will not regret it !
HappyFaceSubmission by (Posted on )
Berman Athena Pocket Rocket is an amazing product. After complaining to a friend about having to replace a toy and the price of other toys on different websites, my friend told me about the Berman Athena Pocket Rocket. She said the only downside was it is fast and strong, I immediately knew it was for me as I have difficulties with “having fun”. I love the different head types and that it is so quiet, I can have fun without anyone else knowing. Being small, silent and only using one AA battery is a definite plus. The delivery time is fantastic and I don’t think I would buy anywhere else again.
JSubmission by (Posted on )
The Berman Athena - Pocket Rocket is an amzing producst and so amazingly priced... definitely a cheap thrill!

I had to replace a similar product and while the rocket doesn't have a torch (why on earth would a girl need a torch!!!???) it does have a set of covers to change the feel and save being completely numb afterwards! It only has one speed... very fast... so you may want to use another toy to warm up but I like to jump straight in! Within minutes I'm buzzing and have enjoyed a few orgasms.

The Eclipse Rabbitronic... brilliant vibe with loads of settings to suit your mood. I like to start on the low speed and build up to super fast... the cute little rabbit works hard to get me off and his buddy helps! Its a good size and easy to use but make sure you have plenty of batteries on hand...
Satisfied WifeSubmission by (Posted on )
Of all my purchases i was (surprisingly) most impressed with the Berman Athena - Pocket Rocket.

It was cheaper than the micro finger tip and has definitely risen to star status for 'me time'. I thought it looked too big and would be cumbersome to use during sex, but in the right position (doggy being my favorite) it's not distracting at all.

This has just the right power of vibration to get me off time and again, and is small enough that it doesn't get in the way. It's great for time with hubby, or time on my own - and with the vibrator i got as my freebie when i made my purchase - i'm certainly reaching new heights in personal pleasure. I didn't think i liked vibrators much - but your freebie has opened me up to a new world of play. (Well done

you - you've made a happy customer for life! I won't be shopping anywhere else - your prices are competitive and your delivery time is OUTSTANDING)

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Berman Athena - Pocket Rocket

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